Maša Radi Buh and Metod Zupan: What’s So Small Here? (EN)

Slovensko mladinsko gledališče, Ljubljana, SI

About the genres of new circus, contemporary street theatre, puppetry, clowning and improvisational theatre, genres of neoburlesque and cabaret, and about the artists who create distinctly feminist work, engage with LGBTQIA+ forms of expression and critique the status quo



Irena Tomažin in conversation with artists, singers and authors of traditional folk songs: Bogdana Herman, Damir Imamović, Ljoba Jenče, Katarina Juvančič, Boštjan Narat, Natalka Polovinka, Svetlana Spajić

Jasna Žmak: The Other at The Same Time

Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, SI

The other at the same time, text by Jasna Žmak, was created simultaneously as the performance with the same title, created by Matija Ferlin - creating a small working community, simultaneous processes, movement, word and language.

Daniel Veronese: Theatre for Birds


Theater for Birds (Teatro para pájaros) is a play showing a group of six people connected to each other in a net of unusual and complex (intimate and professional) relationships.

Sarah Kane: Crave


The fourth play by Sarah Kane Crave is conceived as a string of poetic monologues, which are – compared to her previous works – written in the language evoking distinct visual imagery and drawing from the sphere of sensuality.

Lisa Nelson: Tuning Scores

Texts published for the workshop

A translation of Lisa Nelson's selected writings, that have appeared in various publications, into Slovene language are published in a short booklet in order to expose her work to a broader Slovene public.