Urška Vohar: THREE bitches, TWO planets, ONE rocket

performance for young audience
Stara mestna elektrarna - Elektro Ljubljana, SI

About THREE bitches, TWO planets, ONE rocket is a dance-theater performance by Urška Vohar and in collaboration with the award-winning playwright Simona Semenič. The play takes viewers into a reality show in which three Earthlings fly a rocket to Mars with the aim of creating a new and better society. There, they begin to face both physical problems, such as a change in gravity, as well as issues of social order in a world where rules have not (yet) been written. The play humorously b ...

Kamizdat Rentgen #14: Terranigma, Shekuza, Nulla


Terranigma, Shekuza and Nulla are long-running producers on the local electronic scene. Over the past half-year period, all of them took their steps ahead, so we will cross their paths at the 14th Kamizdat Rentgen at the Gala Hala Summer Garden. Shekuza will team up with a drummer and a VJ to present his new album Coriolis Effect, Terranigma will perform extended material from his March-released edition HydroZone EP and to round things off, a performance by Nulla as an agile and strong backbo ...