Leon Marič: Pozvačin (working title)

Plesni teater Ljubljana, SI

About Leon Marič’s dance debut explores the author’s entanglement in the dichotomy between the urban club scene and rural customs and rituals. The starting point is the figure of the “Prekmurje pozvačin”, a summoner whose job it is to invite guests to a wedding on behalf of the bride and groom. The project emphasises the importance of respecting and preserving one's own cultural heritage while celebrating the freedom of individual expression. Rituals and performa ...

Kamizdat Rentgen: Lifecutter, Ursula Sereghy

Channel Zero, AKC Metelkova mesto, Ljubljana, SI

true love affair with saturated frequencies, glitchy anomalies and distorted patinas, exploring the extremes of aggressive electronic music

Image Snatchers present: Mad Jakale In A Film We Haven't Seen

Dvorana Komuna, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, SI

Collective The Feminalz continuously develops the evenings of technoburlesque. In the Image Snatchers Present series, members of the group take a closer look at one of their technoburlesque characters. It’s time for Mad Jakale.

Small Arts Platform 2023

Slovensko mladinsko gledališče, Ljubljana, SI

the virtuosity of drag, cabaret and neoburlesque