'Small Arts' Platform


Tehnoburleska Tatovi podob / Tehnoburlesque Image Snatchers Foto / Photo: Domen Pal

The term "Kleinkunst" or "Small arts" is a type of theater, which includes cabaret, stand-up comedy, improvisational theater, burlesque and similar genres, which are mostly performed in smaller and non-traditional theater venues. "Small arts" are established and recognized form of performing arts around the world, and socially engaged and artistically relevant forms of burlesque, cabaret, musical and variety have a centuries-old tradition within this genre. Unlike western metropolises, where they recognized the value of genres of "small arts" within cultural policy, tourism and the economy decades ago, in Slovenian context they still do not have (sufficient) artistic value.

Emanat Institute is dedicated to promoting contemporary dance and performance since its establishment in 2007. Besides stage shows, publishing and educational activities we are also developing the genres of new burlesque, cabaret and contemporary performance with own cycle Image Snatchers and in collaboration with different NGO actors and venues we are for several years organising quality and well-accepted workshops for local creators, devised by internationally acclaimed creators in the genres.