Workshop for a new performance by Jan Rozman on Sunday 5th or/and Monday 6th May 2019

Jan Rozman: f(being)foto/photo by: Philipp Weinrich

Emanat Institute is organizing one-day workshop in the frame of preparations for the new performance by Jan Rozman planned in mid-November 2019. To facilitate the production of the piece, we are looking for local performers with substantial performative experience (performers, dancers, actors, vocalists …) with the aim of gathering a creative team of makers.

Invitation to Gibanica 2019

Since 2003, Gibanica has provided a biennial selection of the best contemporary dance productions of local artists and has been considered the most relevant contemporary dance platform in Slovenia.

Interface Fractures IV cancelled

Due to technical problems the premiere of the project Interface Fractures IV 20.12.2016 in Slovenian Cinematique is cancelled.