Andreja Kopač in Maja Šorli: Community of Emancipated Thoughts and Bodies


Skupnost emancipiranih misli in teles Uredili: dr. Andreja Kopač in dr. Maja Šorli

ISBN: 9789619364321

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Nr. of pages: 132

Methodologies of Notation of Slovene Female Contemporary Dance Creators 1


Saška Rakef & Sinja Ožbolt, Rok Vevar & Snježana Premuš, Zala Dobovšek & Teja Reba, Magdalena Germek & Tanja Zgonc, Samo Oleami & Vita Osojnik, Maša Radi & Mateja Bučar, Jasmina Založnik & Nina Meško, Alja Lobnik & Bara Kolenc, Maja Šorli & Maja Delak, Andreja Kopač & Leja Jurišić

When we conceived the several years long project Methodologies of Notation of Slovene Female Contemporary Dance Creators, together with Maja Delak and Saška Rakef in Emanat Institute, our primary goal was to foster the continued activity of a certain “community” of Slovene female choreographers of contemporary dance and to enable a specific type of reflection or recording of their work procedures; tactics, strategies, means, approaches that would contribute to the plurality of discourses, readings, writings, contents, and recorded sources dealing with contemporary dance. The initiative derives from the realisation that in the last 20 years there are almost no writings published that are dealing with methodologies and procedures of Slovene female dance creators. In the first line, we tried to put emphasis on the procedural nature of the works and not so much on methods and practices of documenting the “products” or performances.
dr. Andreja Kopač

It seems that in the field of art we rarely reflect on the question, what ground are we walking on and who was here before us. Even if we choose our paths without following others, we still need other people before us. This brochure is about such direction and positions, recording the work of at least ten female creators. The basic meaning of this pocketbook is clear: to assure the affirmation of (contemporary) dance as an art form and to shed some light on the development, assertion, and reflection of contemporary dance in our country.
dr. Maja Šorli


Editors: Maja Šorli, Andreja Kopač
Proof- reading: Brina Devetak
For the publisher: Urban Belina
Series editor: Maja Delak
Graphic design: Mauricio Ferlin
Print: Collegium Graphicum

Publication Language: Slovenian
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Publisher: Emanat


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