Co-voicings -talks


Srečevanja glasov pogovori / Co-voicings talks foto/photo by: Nada Žgank

Round table:

CO-VOICINGS: Between audiences and communities
Traditional folk song on contemporary stage 
Public debates with performers-creators of folk songs. 
Duša Počkaj Hall, no entrance-fee

Our guests will be Damir Imamović, the talk will be moderated by Boštjan Narat (Katalena). Damir Imamović works as performers and authors in the field of traditional folk singing and music, but at the same time he frequently performs on contemporary theatre and concert stages. We will talk about his work, dissemination of traditional art practices and learning about heritage. 

Because it might seem to some that intertwining contemporary performing art practices with traditional folk songs is a futile attempt – they supposedly belong to very different worlds of time and space, so it doesn’t make much sense to look for common grounds for the danger drawing too general a and vague a conclusions. However, the focus on (re-)thinking what these two worlds do have to say to each other, how, on some level at least, they are drawing from and uncovering each other, is worth the thought.