Co-voicings -talks

Moderated discussion about contemporary phenomena in the field of traditional folk music, be it in concert halls, music clubs or on a theatre stage and about Co-viocings project.

Pogovori / Talks - 09.05.2013 foto / photo by: Nada Žgank


Some might say attaching contemporary performing arts practices to traditional folk singing is  a futile attempt - because they belong to such different worlds and occupy completely separate dimensions of time that it makes no sense to try and find some common ground lest we seek connections, which are too general and too broad to be relevant.

Every era is influenced by the traces of previous ones - every period is contemporary at a certain moment in time as well as already  on the way to becoming (part of) the past. But that's also the way to discover our roots and at the same time have a peek into the future, to see what can grow out of this present moment.

A traditional folk song is like a living relic coming to life in order to tell us things about ourselves, the way we live today and how we express ourselves. The knowledge and the knowing that belongs to the past yet lives in the present with us and is carried from one generation to another.

CO-VOICINGS is a project about the meeting of voices, mainly concerned with the merging of traditional singing practices and the knowledge, hidden in our heritage, with the field of contemporary performing arts.  Furthermore, by organizing various (public) events (workshops, round tables, performances, screenings, etc.) in different local contexts we wish to generate new things emerging from the meetings of these different voices, traditions, people in 2013 / 2014 in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Novi Sad (Serbia), Wroclaw (Poland) and Ljubljana (Slovenia).


produced by: Emanat
co-produced by: Cankarjev dom
supported by: European Cultural Foundation, Ministry for Culture of Republic of Slovenia, Municipality of Ljubljana
partners: Crvena (Sarajevo, BiH), Instytut im. Jerzego Grotowskiego (Wroclaw, PL), Ogledalo - INTERZONE (Novi Sad, SRB)

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