Co-voicings -talks


Pogovor / Talk foto / photo by: Nada Žgank
Following the performance The Sound Of Silence Always Resonates on the 10th of May 2013, was a public round table focused on the (pre)production process of the performance as well as officially announcing the beginning of the international collaboration project, entitled Co-voicings, which is the latest phase of (post-)production process and has developed into holding several workshops and public events in the region. 
The first part of this process began in 2011, with Irena Tomažin, Sabina Đogić and Andrej Kocan filming five interviews with artists, musicians and singers in the field of folk singing: Ljoba Jenče, Bogdana Herman and Boštjan Narat (Slovenia), Natalka Polovynka (Ukraine), Svetlana Spajić (Serbia).
These recordings were a rich and inspiring material for the performance and will also be presented as a video document in the framework of the CO-VOICINGS project.

For the purposes of the discussion we showed a rough cut of edited materials and introduced the artists, but at the same time this turned out to be an inspiring vantage point for the discussion as it opened up a myriad of issues, concerning contemporary performing (in the field) of folk singing and its reinterpretations  within other contemporary music genre as well as more general role it plays in today's society.

Round table participants:
Irena Tomažin (Author and project's Artistic Leader), Barbara Hribar (Producer) and Andreja Rauch (Editor)

CO-VOICINGS is a project about the meeting of voices, mainly concerned with the merging of traditional singing practices and the knowledge, hidden in our heritage, with the field of contemporary performing arts.  Furthermore, by organizing various (public) events (workshops, round tables, performances, screenings, etc.) in different local contexts we wish to generate new things emerging from the meetings of these different voices, traditions, people in 2013 / 2014 in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Novi Sad (Serbia), Wroclaw (Poland) and Ljubljana (Slovenia).