Urška Vohar: THREE bitches, TWO planets, ONE rocket


Urška Vohar: TRI psice, DVA planeta, ENA raketa / THREE bitches, TWO planets, ONE rocket foto/photo by: Nada Žgank


“Is it erroneous to expect people to live on their ideas, when they have so much more use of other people’s nonsense and when language disables the new owner with fresh rules?” (B. Mandeville)

Trapped in a claustrophobic exhibitionism, people slip into their skins and cloaks of deformed psychological projections, trying desperately to fascinate us with their rejection of soul and all kinds of ostentatious behaviour. A tragic comedy with a bulimic atmosphere, always made up, always extravagant, invariably desperate.

THREE Bitches, TWO Planets, ONE Rocket is a satirical collection of diverse excerpts from the industries of culture and entertainment. Inherent in reality on a precipitous slope. It is a self-presentational orgy, replete with glamour and splendour, and at the same time a painful presence in the twilight of its imperfectness. The main exhibit is the performers. Generously dealing in their flaws, the actors create a blend of reality and fiction. The show oscillates between theatrical fiction, entertaining dance acts and musical elements, thus giving rise to a temporary repository of fictive autobiographies. The artists are willing to conform uncompromisingly for the sake of an ultimate goal – the escape to the planet of new possibilities, new opportunities.

Technical raider / Light plan


Author: Urška Vohar
Concept: Urška Vohar, Georg Hobmeier
Performed by: Jelena Rusjan, Urška Vohar, Nataša Živković
Dramaturgy: Simona Semenič
Music: Matjaž Predanič
Set and costumes: Urška Recer
Light design: Janko Oven
Graphical design: Alenka Banič
photo: Nada Žgank
Excecutive producer: Dare Pejić, Nina Janež


Production: Emanat
Co-production: Cankarjev dom
Financial support: Ministry of Culture RS, City Municipality Ljubljana


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Reviews and media

The humour of the performance lies in the investigation of possible ways of moving with an obstacle, represented here by the costume, which somehow distorts the human form, albeit at the same time makes it rather sweet. Since the story is performatively framed as a TV show, it invites comparison to Teletubbies, although the performance Three Bitches, Two Planets, One Rocket is much cleverer, wittier, thought-through, and playful, which undoubtedly also results from collaborating with the dramaturge Simona Semenič, choreographer Georg Hobmeier, who contributed to the concept for costumes developed by Urška Recer, and musician Matjaž Predanič. If we enter the performance again as if it were a TV show, the viewer is in the end of the piece bound to ask himself when is the second episode due.
09.05.2014, Radio Slovenija 1, Ocena predstave, Petra Tanko

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