Eric Dean Scott: Theater for Birds


Eric Dean Scott: Teater za ptiče foto/photo: Nada Žgank


The performance Theatre for Birds, in a production of Emanat Institute, explores the open territory between acting and life in the theatre, the no man’s land between personal and professional. With the mysterious text by Daniel Veronese, the ensemble of six performers (3 dancers and 3 actors), a director, two dramaturges and light, sound and space designers are opening the ambiguous space between performing and being, theatre and life. The team deals with questions of performers playing performers, characters who may or may not know what they want… players in makeshift wings who step out and grab hold of the rail of that dangerous balcony 12 flights up where things fall fast, where life, death and love seem to move in the balance on a hot summer night in Buenos Aires, or maybe Brazil, or maybe just anywhere in this world -- and let go. (Katja Praznik & Eric Dean Scott)

The Slovene translation of the play Gledališče za ptice (Teatro para pájaros / Theatre for Birds) was published in the book series Transitions XS, part of Institute Emanat’s publishing program in May 2010. 

The premiere of Theatre for Birds was included in the events of Ljubljana – World Book Capital 2010. 


Director: Eric Dean Scott 
Author of the play: Daniel Veronese 
Cast: Maja Delak, Boris Kos, Robert Prebil, Aljoša Ternovšek, Irena Tomažin, Nataša Živković
Translator: Barbara Juršič 
Dramaturge: Katja Praznik 
Assistant dramaturge: Mirta Zajc 
Scenography & costumes: Barbara Kapelj Osredkar 
Soundscape: Luka Prinčič 
Light designer and technican: Urška Vohar
Sound technician: Omar Ismail (Španski borci)
Tech and organisation support: Spanski borci team


Production: Emanat Institute
Executive production and coordination: Sabina Potočki
Emanat office: Nina Janež
Partner: Španski borci
Financial support: Ljubljana - World Book Capital 2010; Ministry of Culture of Republic Slovenia
With the help of: Rdeči križ Ljubljana; Solos; Fabiani nogavice
Media sponsor: Mladina

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