Matija Ferlin: Sad Sam Revisited


Matija Ferlin: Sad Sam Revisited Foto / Photo: Santiago Sepulveda

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This is the fortune of manhood.
Images and image.
Burning the calm fever of love.
I press the button.
He feels.
Fainting upon the obstacle of touching.
Nothing I care remains.
He took the silence.
I took the devotion of a staring fantasy.
I’ve made a comedy of becoming a man next to an animal.

We are neither completely autonomous nor completely subordinate to the outside world. The ambivalence of this relationship also applies to our desire for the other, for its difference, for our own Other. The physical event takes place in theatrical self-immersion and release of emotions, abandoning all theatricality and spectacular excesses, in bringing the viewer into the state of the performer, the state of the performance, the state of "playing". The question posed by Matija Ferlin's play is related to the interpretation of the body: how to avoid its determinism, while at the same time accepting the immediacy of its action and the rhetorical parameters of its metaphorical and metonymic relationships. It is about the use of different observational strategies, the play of the invisible and the exposed, the superior and the inferior, pleasure and pain, desire and absence, strategies, powerful performatives that Matija Ferlin invites us to with Sad sam Revisited. discover and explore.

Already then theater and dance criticism saw the author's soloist ancestor Matija Ferlin as a possible new chapter in Croatian contemporary dance.

Solo, duration 45 min
Premiere: 2004


Matija Ferlin is a Croatian theatre director, ensemble dance piece choreographer and performer of his own one-man shows. Graduated from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam and subsequently lived and worked in Berlin and Toronto. After returning to his hometown Pula, where he was born in 1982, he focused on researching and rearticulating different concepts of stage performance, collaborating both with actors and dancers.


Direction, performance: Matija Ferlin
Text: Katalina Mella
Music: Ivo Bol
Production: Matija Ferlin, SNDO — School for New Dance Development