Delak, Prinčič: Transmittance#1 foto/photo: Vibor Juras


The project Transmittance#1 included diverse artistic group that is mostly based in Pula Croatia. The basic theme of the project was to research performative possibilities of streaming, broadcasting and telepresence forging new types of performance and audience. Next to Maja Delak and Luka Prinčič, lacal artist were taking part of this project: Matija Ferlin, Marko Bolković, Messmatik, Mauricio Ferlin, Rea Korani.

Before starting the process in Pula, some thematic frame was set for all the included artists and it was related to following texts:

  • Excerpt from feed-back text by Tihana Maravič (Transmittance0, Longiano)
  • "Appropriated from Divinity" (written by Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick & Michael Mann), Tendencies (1993), p. 227
  • Passive to-be-looked-at-ness / "The incarnated beauty. Between the painting and the pornography" by Silvia Mei
  • "A virtual desert. Reddish dust and sandstone, a cloudless blue sky. The sun hangs high over a far-away chain of mesas. A black window opens. Close-up of a sleeping face. I wake up and see a face watching me from very nearby." From Liesl Ujvary 
  • 101 TRUE INTERNET LOVE STORIES, Collected and edited by Andrea Wesselenyi
  • "What does it extend?" / "What does it make obsolete?" / "What is retrieved?" / "What does it reverse into if it is over-extended?", A stripped down version of tetrad by Marshall McLuhan

The possibilities that on-line audience had in proposing scenes:

  • maja:sound (pulse,textures)
  • maja:text (honesty,fiction,lies)
  • maja:action
  • matija:text (largissimo,adagio,moderato,vivace)
  • matija:movement (largissimo,adagio,moderato,vivace)
  • nova:sound (noise,beats)
  • nova:video (camera,text,image)
  • marko:sound,technic
  • messmatik:video (not a moment,progress in past times)
  • ai:family reunion
  • ai:change identity
  • ai:the sweetest band on the earth
  • ai:jamming
  • ai:call back
  • ai:brand new song
  • ai:bow
  • ai:hide and sleep
    (ai = all inclusive)  

See the documentation of the project:
Transmittance#1 - 27.05. 2011 - KC Karlo Rojc, Polis Festival, Pula, HR
General technical raider 


Transmittance is a project proposed by Maja Delak & Luka Prinčič and is avaliable as research, educational and/or performance model including a preparation time and performance event that is streamed on-line. 

Created and performed by: Marko Bolković (guitar, bass guitar, lights, technical direction), Maja Delak (movement, texts, sound), Matija Ferlin (movement, texts), Luka Prinčič (sound, guitar, video, programming), Messmatik (video, photo), Rea Korani (moderation), Mauricio Ferlin (video for stream)

Executive producer: Egle Vošten
Photography: Vibor Juras
Graphic design: Matija Debeljuh


Produced and organized by: Polis Jadran Europa Pula, Emanat Institute Ljubljana
financially supported by: Ministry of Culture Croatia, Municipality of Pula, Ministry of Culture RS, City Municipality of Ljubljana
supported by: Region of Istria, Tourism Office Pula 


Transmittance ili o suradnji na mreži; Glas Istre, Boris Vincek, HR, 25.05.2011
Postindustrijski grad,, Tonči Krajnčević Batalić, HR, 24.05.2011
Visoka šola za umetnost, Nova Gorica, maj 2011
Postindustrijski grad, Glas Istre, N. Hauser, HR, 25.05.2011
Nova energija Pule za 21.stoljeće,, Paola Albertini, HR, 29.05.2011
Promišljanje i korištenje prostora, Glas Istre, Boris Vincek, 29.05.2011


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