Transmittance#2.1 took place at festival Trouble 2012 in Les Halles Brussels. The event was performed in the building attached to Les Halles, Maison des arts, in three rooms that are connected.

The possibilities proposed via menu for the on-line audience:
maja: sound (textures, puls, Quotes)
maja: action (staccato, con respiro, cantabile)
maja: text (now, then)
nova: sound (granulation, beats, noise, guitar)
nova: video (max/structaros, revitup, cameras, text)
matija: text (larghissimo, adagio, moderato, vivace)
matija: movement (larghissimo, adagio, moderato, vivace)
matija: music anonymus
ingrid: gesture (musical, spacial)
ingrid: the melting man
ingrid: hello!
ingrid: in your face (demi, grand)
ingrid: becoming one
all inclusive: 3x

Documentation of the event in Brussels:
Transmittance#2.1 - 02.06.2012 - Trouble Festival, Les Halles, Brussels, BE
Transmittance#2.1 chat log
Technical raider


Transmittance is a project proposed by Maja Delak & Luka Prinčič and is avaliable as research, educational and/or performance model including a preparation time and performance event that is streamed on-line. 

Created and performed by: Ingrid Berger Mhyre, Maja Delak, Matija Ferlin, Jakob Leben, Luka Prinčič
Moderators: Maja Šorli, Igor Štromajer
Video stream: Samuel Volsten 
Photography: Nicolaos Zafiriou


Invited by: Trouble Festival, Les Halles, Brussel, BE
Support: Emanat / Ministry for education, science, culture and sport RS, City Municipality of Ljubljana

Reviews, We are making art to view at home, Helen Varley Jamieson, 08.06.2012
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