Claudia Fancello (CA): Good Morning Mash Up (class) and Let's do this! (workshop)

01.02.2013 - 07.02.2013
for dancers, performers, makers and all interested in morning classes or/and in different possibilities of working in a collaborative system

Claudia Fancello foto / photo by: Nat Gorry


Seven days workshop will have two parts:

1. Good Morning Mash Up (Morning Class)
This morning dance class prepares the body and mind for creative work with others. We will call upon a guided practice focussing on developing awareness and sensitivity, strengthening the body, encouraging stamina, directing impulses and extending our sense of observation, imagination and pleasure. Part dance floor. Part movement research. Part thought-provoking body. Part body-provoking thought. Set to a soundtrack of eclectic music, this week of classes will encourage articulation and serious play.

2. Workshop Let’s Do This
This workshop presents different possibilities of working in a collaborative system, specifically in relation to dance, performance and choreography. We will investigate what it means to work together and to create collaboratively. By collectively developing questions that deal with performance, personal experience and contemporary society, we will take this material to decipher how we make decisions together and confront each other. What is it to be in a room together as performer and observer? How do we understand dischord? What are ways of understanding authorship? How do we create with a pluralist voice and yet with a deep personal positioning. 
We will engage in discussions, physical practices of observation and listening, written exercises, story-telling, movement research, developing practices of watching and doing, blurring the roles of maker, performer and spectator. 


Claudia Fancello is a creator, performer and teacher based in Montreal. She completed a BFA at Concordia University. Since 2006, Claudia has been collaborating with PME-ART interdisciplinary group on the Hospitality Series producing works for theatres, galleries, festivals and other contexts. She also  currently works with choreographers, Matija Ferlin and Ame Henderson (Public Recordings). As a maker, she collaborates with musician, Sophie Trudeau, on a series of durational performances. Alongside performance, Claudia is also a food curator, developing food installations for festivals. She was a co-founder of Solid State Breakdance (2000-2006) and has performed with Martin Belanger, k.g. Guttman, Zoja Smutny, Karine Denault, among others. She is also a proud member of Projet bk. Many of the creations she has been part of are touring influential festivals and venues in Canada and abroad: The Québec Triennial, Festival TransAmériques, Dancemakers (Canada), NuPerformance Festival (Estonia), Forum Fries Theater (Germany), Rencontres choregraphiques Festival, ArtDanThe La Villette (France), Polis Adriatic Festival (Croatia), Theatre Brut Wien (Austria), Perfect Performance (Sweden), Es.Terni (Italy), etc.



01.02. - 07.02.2013 in Dance Theater Ljubljana, SI

10am - 11.30am - Mešanica za dobro jutro - class

12am - 3pm - Let's do this! - delavnica


The workshop is open for performers, dancers and people with stage experience, not necessarily only with dance background and are interested in collaborative artistic processes.
The workshop will be in English language. Participants are kindly invited to bring: books, music, images, objects of choice.


Please, email applications to


The fee for the workshop and classes is 45 €. 
The fee only for one morning class is 5 €.


Organization: Emanat
In collaboration with Dance Theater Ljubljana



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