Maja Delak & Mala Kline: Gallery of Dead Women


Delak, Kline: Galerija mrtvih žensk foto/photo: Miha Fras


Gallery of Dead Women is a stage installation created through a dialogue with Hamletmachine, writen by german dramatist Heiner Müller. Gallery of Dead Women is an abstract sequence of images inspired by Müller’s reading and rewriting of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Issues of politics, love, death, loss, terror and death create a matrix of different motives around which the main narrative threads evolve to create an abstract body of the whole. 

The basic principles of stage language, which is a means of capturing narration into an abstract form, are formalisation of narrative motives, shifts in the way the language is used and time-space confrontations. Through physical restrictions the performing body creates a rupture in the psychology of dramatic personae and in the in-tension of its actions. It creates a distance which sometimes resembles Berchts’ Verfaulung Effekt and triggers irony and humor. Gallery of Dead Women strives to speak in or to be a language in which sublime and abstract mix with bizarre, obscure and grotesque. 


Authors: Maja Delak & Mala Kline
Concept: Mala Kline
Choreography: Maja Delak
Created and performed by: Maja Delak, Leja Jurišić, Matej Kejžar, Mala Kline, Jelena Rusjan, Milan Tomášik, Irena Tomažin
Dramatugy: Anja Golob
Sound composition: Hanna Preuss
Sound engineer: Felix Andriessens
Songs: The Chweger
Light design: Jaka Šimenc
Light engineer: Zoran Grabarac
Costum design: Vesna Črnelič
Design: Mauricio Ferlin
Executive production: Jana Wilcoxen


Production: Zavod EN-KNAP
Coproduction: Cankarjev dom
Touring: Emanat
Financial support: Ministry for Culture RS, City of Ljubljana, programe EU Culture 2000
Media sponsors: Fini oglasi, Radio Student


Space and sound setting of the performance endlessly destroy the border between the past and the pressent, here and there, man and the system. This is a staging of the incapacity of a word, language and body, which cannot lie. It will not be forgotten easily.
Jedrt J. Furlan, Dnevnik, 14.09.2005

On the dark setting with a descrete light, in the presence of dark electronic soundscape, five female and two male dancers place themselves into static positions with arms crossed on their chest and so with their bodies disciplined and motionless serving the decorative demand of the view of the other. After that their bodies start to break and fall into a unarticulated chaos of movements and sounds, which in vain tries to discipline itself again and again.
Mojca Kumerdej, Delo, 14.09.2005

The opposition between the convention and excess is intensified through choreography. The performance is carefully structured performance. Seven dancers with their precise execution of performance stress even more the functioning and the limitations of the human mechanism.
Ana Perne, Polet, 15.09.2005

The authors of Galery of Dead Women, Maja Delak in Mala Kline, have with their latest project once again prooved themselves to be a creative, interesting and thorough tandem on dance sceene.
Daliborka Podboj, Večer, 07.07.2005


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