AGON programme is an informal education, research and self-development programme in the field of contemporary dance and performing arts. 

The aim is to offer workshops and classes for performers in order to give support for artists that nowdays need master different techniques and modes of expression in order to attain a free and contemporary artistic expression. Agon offers situations of research and collaboration, through which participants gain multilayered knowledge, while at the same time it encourages them to connect and integrate different contents. Through dialogue, exchanges and collaboration, Agon provides improvement in technical mastery of skills and in development of participants’ creative potential. 

Simone Aughterlony: (NZ/CH/DE): Everything fits in the room

Plesni teater Ljubljana, SI

This workshop proposes a discussion around architectures for dwelling and practice, an inclusive methodology that locates ways in which we begin to navigate the un-governability of all elements and potentially disruptive information associated with the maintenance of juxtaposing energies.

Hahn Rowe (US): Sound in performance

workshop and public presentation
KC Španski borci, Ljubljana, SI

A one-day workshop is designed for choreographers/dancers and musicians/sound artists interested in examining the ways we view and implement sound in performance.

Irena Tomažin (SI): Voice workshop (2015/16)

voice workshop
Studio Ana Monro, Ljubljana, SI

Vocal workshop is a weekly workshop for anyone interested in vocal research and expression. Experiences are not requested, regular participation is recommanded.

Matija Ferlin (HR): Equalizing togetherness

dance workshop
SVŠGL, gledališko-plesna dvorana, Ljubljana, SI

A research of different types of togetherness and spatial compositional awareness within a group.

Jurij Konjar (SI): Still

workshop of instant composition in duets
SVŠGL, gledališko-plesna dvorana, Ljubljana, SI

The principle and the vocabulary of »Still« build on working experience with Lisa Nelson and the Tuning Ensemble, focusing on Nelson's Tuning Practice.

Gregor Luštek (SI): Hearing dance

five-day dance workshop
SVŠGL, gledališko-plesna dvorana, Ljubljana, SI

The workshop is based on developing three principles: That's it. Nothing more; Three roles; and Gibberish.

Ame Henderson / Public Recordings (CA): Choreographies of Encounter

Plesni teater Ljubljana, SI

Ame Henderson’s work with the Toronto-based company Public Recordings draws on choreographic strategies, embodied action, language, sound, objects, framing and architectural space to create a shared language for live performance.

La Pocha Nostra (MX/US): Workshop

DIC Kreatorij, Ljubljana, SI

Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Dani d'Emilia and Erica Mott will share their performance methodology, an eclectic combination of exercises sampled from various traditions as well as theoretically analys of the creative process and the issues addressed by the work, its aesthetic currency, cultural impact and political pertinence.