Oona Doherty (IE): To unlock the valves of feeling

the workshop will develop the body's relationship to imagination

Oona Doherty foto/photo by: Luca Truffarelli


Doherty: Poem for Hope Hunt

For the histories of shock 
I am flesh I am flesh 
Sunlight dots on youthful meat Bouncing High. Armadaus. Audio. Jaguar. Seat. 
A moist beautiful beat Thumps hard Testosterone and Cortisol Fuel the grinning mouth 
Where girls do fall Night air does shout A man’s spine your spine Splashes pools of memory 
Keep her lit its fine its fine 
Inside the battled enemy 
Pink flesh dance on 
A smoker’s chest 
A boyish spunky energy 
For heart 
with heart 
My Son Go on Tell me

The Workshop uses your nervous system, your voice, your movement to find your Hunter. This Workshop will develop the body’s relationship to imagination. We will use acting/clowning techniques for embodied performance to create sincere lived material. The workshop starts with a yoga-style warm up, using the body and the lungs to relax and open the mind. 

We will move into a led improvisation, working with images from Oona Doherty’s Hope Hunt, developing small individual phrases. We will be working with images of Concrete, white Peacocks, magma, Manuka honey, drugs, Jaxson Pollock, Francis Bacon, Carravagio, mistakes of the father and glory white, Ascension into Lazarus.
The second half of the workshop develops script, speech and character. We will explore Doherty’s stutter technique. We will be working towards a group canon chorus.

This workshop takes its inspiration from the works Hope Hunt and Ascension into Lazarus, which work with European stereotypes of youth, masculinity, poverty, escapism, bravery and vulnerability.

We will attempt to reach out to our own known places in our bodies, to become more engaged with our nervous systems.


Oona Doherty studied at the London School of Contemporary Dance, University of Ulster and LABAN London (BA and Post-Graduate in Contemporary Dance Studies). She has been creating, collaborating and touring Dance Theatre internationally since 2010, working with companies such as: TRASH (NL), Abbattoir Ferme (BE), Veronika Riz (IT), Emma Martin / United Fall (IE), Enda Walsh (UK). Oona worked as a choreographer for actors for the award-winning SCORCH by Stacy Greg, and for St Joan by Jimmy Fay, at the Lyric Theatre. Her collage art works and film works have been printed and exhibited in several galleries in Belfast, Dublin, Paris and Prague. Her previous choreographies include: Leather Jacket Deluxe, Lady Magma, Echo Hunt (DOCNITE Series). Oona has been teaching dance theatre workshops internationally since 2012. She is an ISSAC Associate Artist. In 2016, Oona was the MAC Belfast HATCH Artist and the Prime Cut Productions REVEAL Artist. In 2017, Oona was given the Major Individual Artist Award by the Northern Ireland Arts Council.

“My work attempts to play with the barrier between the flesh and the soul, the audience and the stage; to share kinetic experience. I’m motivated to explore states of pure metaphysical honesty. To bring the sex, the punk, the romance, the chi back into the body, the black box, the white cube, and Ireland.”


Because the number of the participants is limited, you need to register in advance at: production@cityofwomen.org by 1/10. You will be notified whether you will be able participate by 3/10.


The fee for the workshop is 50 €. 

Where and when

Old Power Station Ljubljana

Saturday, 7th October 2017 - 10.00 - 11.30
Sunday, 8th October 2017 - 10.00 - 11.30


Organisation: City of Women
in collaboration: Emanat, Old Power Station Ljubljana

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