The Invisible Body of Space



  1. Nova deViator - Izčrpavanje
  2. Octa Push - Please, Please, Please (deViator Remake)
  3. Nova deViator - Kids Of Shostakovich
  4. Octa Push - Please, Please, Please (deViator Drumake)
  5. Matjaž Predanič - 4h Sistem
  6. Matjaž Predanič - 2h
  7. Matjaž Predanič - 4h Uvod
  8. Matjaž Predanič - 1h
  9. Matjaž Predanič - 4h Organizem


Free download is available via and


written by Nova deViator (1,3), Matjaž Predanič (5-9) and Octa Push (2,4)
additional production by Nova deViator (2,4)
graphical design by Tina Ivezić

Tracks 2 and 4 owe most of their appeal to the melody and beat written by Octa Push, so give back, support them and buy their records:


media support: Radio Student Ljubljana
produced by Emanat, 2014

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