Luka Prinčič: Jitakami v.2018


Luka Prinčič: Jitakami v.2018 foto/photo by: Nada Žgank


Audio-visual movement lecture performance is based on research of human-computer interaction, between nature and technology, with an area of interfaces in-between. Through movement choreography and computer-generated audio-visual image this interdisciplinary event poetically exposes traps of uncritical acceptance of technology and opens questions on envelopment of human body in all-pervasive digitalisation of life.


author: Luka Prinčič
movement & choreography: Maja Delak
movement: Leon Marič
visual-conceptual consultation: Maja Smrekar
light design: Urška Vohar


Production: Emanat
Co-production: MGLC
Financial support: City Municipality Ljubljana, Ministry of Culture RS

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