Kamizdat Rentgen TV: Warrego Valles



The performance by Warrego Valles presenting new Kamizdat album save-as is presented in a special way via on-line video streaming.

Warrego Valles is the blending of two sonic psychonauts who produce exploratory electronic music with clear background in dark dancefloor aesthetics and subtle dashes of activist poetics. In the last few years they made quite a stir in the Slovene electronic music scene with their performances, music videos, a solo record by Nina Hudej (2016), an EP Location Off (2017) and a debut album Botox (2018). The members of the duo are both established electronic music DJs, skilled producers and experienced musicians, who are also active as event managers and promoters of equal opportunities and diversity in electronic music, focused on presenting live alternative electronic acts in Ljubljana. http://kamizdat.si/artist/warrego-valles/


Production: Emanat
Partner: Radio Študent, Ljubljana - Festival TRESK
Financial funding: Ministry of Culture RS

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