Snježana Premuš (SI): Touchable Silences

embody/understand the center/periphery relationship more deeply

Snježana Premuš


The question of clear coordinates of physicality - how do we experience the body, arms, legs, what is their functionality and how do we compose movement because of this? In the workshop/exercise, we will open the entry point to movement through this principle through the somatic entry point, which we call "navel radiation", in order to enable greater "flow" through movement compositions, and open up a greater movement repertoire of movement. The process allows us to embody/understand the center/periphery relationship more deeply. The creator worked with this principle throughout the process in the project "Dotikanja" and it inspired the material in the play Dotik Tkiva Tkanina with co-author Anja Bornšek.


Snježana Premuš is an author, dancer and researcher of somatic principles who has been working for 25 years. Already during her studies, she drew attention to herself and choreographed (1 year special program in 4D company in London) as a young perspective choreographer. Her first work was invited in 1998 to the Aerowaves festival at the then The Place Theatre. Shortly after her studies, she worked with the director Sebastjan Horvat, where the play Alamut (SNG Drama) won international recognition at the Festival Festspiele in Salzburg 2005. With performances such as Sound Body, Move As, Silent Body, etc. toured many festivals and theaters: Robin Hayward Theater London, Theater am Halleschen Ufer Berlin, OHO Festival Austria, Lokomotiva Skopje, Monotanz Budapest, Salamanca Festival, Spain, Garage Stralsund Festival, Contemporary Dance Week Zagreb, Nagib Festival Maribor, Fronta Murska Festival Saturday, Festival Lent, etc.). For the show Move As, she received the audience award at the Gibanica Biennale in 2009. As a dancer or co-author, she collaborated with many artists at home and abroad: Emilyn Claid, Ivana Jozić, Philip Gemacher/Great Britain, Elena Alonso/Madrid, Berlin, Yelp dance company London/Athens, Lisa Nelson, Vinko Globokar, Sebastijan Horvat, En -knap, Betontanc, Mateja Bučar, Maja Delak. In the collective of the Federation, together with Andreja Podrzavnik Rauch and Gregor Kamnikar, in the field of work with young people, in 2014 she received the highest recognition awarded by JSKD RS, the Mete Vidmar Plaque. In 2012, supported by her knowledge of somatics, she focused on the research of the body, physicality and the question of how we perceive the body in the Physical Manifestations project. With this, she created intriguing presentation formats where she co-creates common spaces of observation, perception and experience with the audience. Her projects are characterized as challenging spaces of participation that do not submit to representation, but go beyond it as a possible model of a different modern society. In 2017, she won the Ksenija Hribar award as an author.


SPEGSPAGSL, Dance and theatre center, Kardeljeva ploščad 28 A, Ljubljana.


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