Nataša Živković (SI): Ballet

for basic and intermediate level

Nataša Živković foto/photo by: Nada Žgank


We start with warm-up exercises that include elements of yoga and floor-barre, through which we warm-up, stretch, breathe-through and prepare the body for bar exercises. Bar exercises are short combinations of ballet movements with which we train stability, flexibility and alignment of the body with gracefulness of ballet technique. Center, which is the next phase of the class, is done without support of the bar and same dance elements appear that spread through the space this time: diagonals with turns and jumps, short ballet compositions. We finish the class by stretching and slowing down. Ballet class is suitable for those with some dance knowledge and basic ballet knowledge.


Nataša Živković (1981) is a versatile artist creative in different fields of performing arts, from contemporary dance, theatre to performance. After finishing secondary ballet school in Ljubljana, she got dedicated to contemporary dance and collaborated with a number of choreographers. Today she is a self-employed dancer, actress, choreographer and a mentor. Živković has participated in Via Negativa projects since 2006 and is collaborating in numerous projects with Emanat (Maja Delak). She has been involved with the No!Training Lab, led by Katja Legin, since its beginnings. Her debut as an author First Love’s Second Chance and her dance and theatre achievements led to her being awarded the Golden Bird Award in 2009. Her last author work entitled For Father’s Sake (2014) is dedicated to her father. In 20014/2015 she was employed at Zavod Bunker as a movement and artistic mentor collaborating with various primary schools across Slovenia. In 2016 she co-authored and performed in If You’re Happy (Bunker) and In the Back of Time (Ljubljana Puppet Theatre).

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