Jurij Konjar (SI): Initiation of the movement from torso and pelvis

initiation of the movement, focusing on few different areas/points of the torso and pelvis

Jurij Konjar: Bound foto/photo by: Nada Žgank


For four days in a row and 2 hours a day we will work on initiation of the movement, focusing on few different areas/points of the torso and pelvis. Locating, naming, range of movement, feeling, consequence for the rest of the body. Classes will be mostly held in the vocabulary of the human anatomy and in the vocabulary used in Material for the spine by Steve Paxton.
In four dance classes we will learn (mostly intern) choreography and then dance it again and again, with variations.
We are starting each class before the exact hour, warmed up. Attendance on all four classes is preferable – materials are going to be upgraded.

About the course of the class:
Studio will be opened daily at 18.15h.
Before the class I will hold (optional) warm-up from 18.30h – 19h, in which we will warm up the sensation of particular parts of the torso and hips through movement. If you don’t attend common warm-up then I suggest that you warm up individually, it can be done simultaneously in the same studio.
Classes will start at 18.59h and will finish at 21h.
This time classes will probably be more logical for those with an interest in multi-layered kinetic body and sensations of movement.
Otherwise classes are opened for anyone.
If you will miss a class it is better to miss the ones at the end; 4 classes are considered a whole that continuously builds on already described.


Jurij Konjar is a dancer and a choreographer, born 1979 in Ljubljana. In his youth he practiced judo and singing, he started dancing through sport dances. He obtained his dance technique in Ljubljana and London and studied at academy PARTS in Brussels.
He worked with Les Ballets C de la B, Maja Delak, Janez Janša, Boris Charmatz in Steve Paxton. Some of his choreographic works are Catharsis for beginners, Ulysses, Goldberg Variations, For Julian Mer-Khamis and In search for Stillness.
He survived a head injury in the year 2007 that focused his interest on developmental potential of the present moment. In the 2009  he was directed towards the development of  his own improvisational practice after in-depth observation of Goldberg Variations by Steve Paxton. The premiere of his solo Goldberg Variations was in the year 2010. Last five years he dances alone in laboratories and in collaboration with colleagues. Besides he performs his solo Golberg Variations and Steve Paxton’s solo Bound.

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