"Small Arts" Platform


Tehnoburleska Tatovi podob / Tehchnoburlesque Image Snatchers Foto / Photo: Marijo Zupanov

Upcoming events

  1. , Cukrarna bar, Ljubljana, SI
  2. , Plesni in gledališki center SVŠGUGL in Cukrarna bar, Ljubljana, SI
  3. , Plesni in gledališki center SVŠGUGL, Ljubljana, SI
  4. , Plesni in gledališki center SVŠGUGL in Cukrarna bar, Ljubljana, SI

"Small Smaller Arts" Platform

16 - 19 August 2022, different locations, Ljubljana, SI

In 2022, the fifth festival edition of the "Small Arts" Platform is taking place. At the "Small Smaller Arts" Platform, guests from both home and abroad can discuss the experience, potentials and usefulness of smallness in "small arts" at a round table, perform their performances on stage and pass on their knowledge and techniques in various workshops. The size of the genres, such as cabaret, impro, burlesque, circus, stand-up, vaudeville and clowning, can be assessed this year through your own participation, with which you can perhaps also cultivate their steady growth.

Ticket purchase and workshop application: https://tix.emanat.si/

The programme will be held in Slovene and English. All public talks will be streamed via open source platform Pretok.tv.


Concept and design of the program: Sabrina Železnik, Maša Radi Buh, Metod Zupan in Maja Delak
Executive production: Sabrina Železnik and Nina Jan
Symposium project team: Eva Jus, Leon Marič, Jan Rozman, Tamara Pepelnik
Graphic design: Špela Drašlar
Space and uniform design: Tanja Pađan / Kiss the Future & Anselma
Technical director: Janko Oven


Production: Emanat
In collaboration with: Secondary School of Education, Gymnasium and Art Gymnasium Ljubljana, Slovenian Youth Theater, Institute for the Culture of Diversity OPEN / Cukrarna.bar
Financial support: Ministry of Culture RS, Municipality of Ljubljana

The project is part of IETM Local Journeys for Change activity, supported by the EU within the IETM Network Grant 2022-2024 NIPA: the New International in the Performing Arts.