Syndicate of Outlandish Entities 2018


Matilda Buns: Matilda in njene žemljice/Matilda and Her Buns Foto/Photo Nada Žgank

“Syndicate of Outlandish Entities” is a festival that mostly focuses on edgy urban genres with elements of cabaret, new burlesque, grotesque, irony and satire. We selected especially works that approach their contents in a direct, ironic, subversive and engaged way. Shows presented also exceeded established genre and frequently also conceptual frames, avoid using populist cliches and sexist, chauvinist or xenophobic statements.

We mostly present local creators, selection is supplemented with some interesting international guests, workshops and other events.

With this first yearly gathering of maladjusted we founded the Syndicate of Outlandish Entities! For followers and sympathisers of edgy urban genres.



Andrej Rozman Roza: The Zeroite Mass, performance
David Hoyle: Living in the NOW, workshop
Urban Belina in Daniel Petković: The fake Bosom, performance
Nada Žgank: Burlesquing, photography exhibition
Cabaret Tiffany, performance
Seks, ljubezen in avantgarda, club night
Jane Compton: Phenomenon Switchflicker, talk
Feminalz: Image Snatchers, performance
After: Booty Snatchers, club night
David Hoyle: Diamond, performance
ImproŠke: Stereobabe, performance
Kolektiv FEM: Fem TV 4.0,performance
Ray Filar: Non-Binary Electro Hour, performance
After: Drag disonance, club night
Ray Filar: Genderfuck drag, workshop
Lana Zdravković: Political Potential of Drag and Queer Aesthetics, lecture
Drop dead, performance
Census of Outlandish Entities, round table
Matilda Buns: Matilda and her buns, performance

Entire programme:


Programme Coordination, Executive Production, Organisation and Finance: Sabina Potočki
Programme Consultant, Editing of Website and Promotional Materials: Urban Belina
Programme Collaborators: Nada Žgank, Lana Zdravković, Saška Rakef, Maja Delak
Festival Team: Sabina Potočki, Urban Belina, Daniel Petković, Sara Jelen, Matej Kovač, Urška Recer, Tina Prpar, Maša Radi
Public Relations and Promotion: Urban Belina and Sabina Potočki
Help with Promotion: Daniel Petković and Sara Jelen
Visual Identity: Kontrastika
Website Template: Colabrio
Photo Documentation: Nada Žgank, Domen Pal
Video Documentation: Tina Šulc
English and Slovenian Translations: Urban Belina
Proofreading of Slovenian Texts: Brina Devetak
Finances and Office: Andreja Lapuh
Tech Team: Sindikat 2018 in Španski borci team (Diamond)


Production: Emanat
Co-produced by: Rozinteater; Urban Belina and Daniel Petković; ŠKUC – Cultural centre Q/Club Tiffany; FEM TV; ImproŠke/Association IMPRO; Drop Dead/Association for Contemporary Art of Clowning.
Partners: AKC Metelkova mesto: Gala Hala/KAPA, Club Gromka, Alkatraz Gallery/KUD Mreža, Club Tiffany, Menza pri koritu, Club Monokel and Centre of Culture Španski borci
Financial support: Ministry of Culture of RS and Municipality of Ljubljana
Sponsors: Kontrastika, Hotel Park
Media Sponzor: Mladina
In collegial cohabitation with Mladi levi festival
Print publications Syndicate 2018: booklet (500 copies), leaflet (2000 copies): Collegium Graphicum