Luka Prinčič: Interface fractures


Metapixelated glitch (Luka Prinčič: Razpoke vmesnika / Interface fractures) screenshot by Luka Prinčič


Solo audio-visual performance deals with fractures, cracks and openings of contemporary medium - which is considered to be the multitude of interfaces between humans and machines. These are not considered exclusively and severly separated, - in other words, interfaces exist between entities that can be either humans, machines or (and most probably) somewhere inbetween. These are post-digital, post-informational times and surely it seems irresponsible to persist with dualistic man-vs-machine, or digital-vs-analogue perspective.

The performance is using video and audio recordings, samples, clips, snippets from everywhere with intention to transform, mutilate, degenerate, distort and deconstruct in real-time event, in order to reconstruct new assemblages of sonifications and visions (moving images) based on affective tonalities of vision and imagery without reference. Not "pure" abstract art but more - lived abstractions.


Created by: Luka Prinčič
Excecutive producer: Saša Rakef, Nina Janež



Production: EMANAT
Financial support: City Municipality Ljubljana

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  1. , Slovenska Kinoteka, Ljubljana, Slovenija