Ame Henderson & Matija Ferlin: The Most Together We've Ever Been


Ame Henderson & Matija Ferlin: The Most Together We've Ever Been / Skupaj² foto/photo by: Nada Žgank


Have I seen you before?
We perform a never-ending series of beginnings. We offer a constant hello. We address the address and the need for something to happen, while embracing the emptiness of never getting anywhere. Let's imagine for a moment that we dwell here forever, constantly finding ourselves here, with you.
The right people in the wrong space.
The wrong people in the right space.

“I believe I can do a lot for this country!” Ame Henderson states at the beginning of the performance. This “I believe I can” becomes a motto for the stage design. Are the objects on stage frozen in their potential, or have they already transformed in a process from decoration to stage design? Are they abandoned or chosen? Objects at the end of their lifespan, like a 3-D memory, or objects that are ready to be used in new contexts? The design concept is an answer to the demands of small-scale touring performances. It comprises mobility together with a desire to include the places where this project lands.
The selection of materials is made in collaboration with a local artist who greets the concept and creates a response, taking into account the available resources in their particular environment. Groups of objects belonging to personal property are more than welcome as they represent the highest level of collaboration with a community. We prefer objects that are not usually found on theatre stages, and storage aesthetics are the closest visual code to which we adhere. – Mauricio Ferlin

Public Recordings
Absurd, hilarious, vital and critical. Since 2003, Public Recordings’ dance experiments have established that choreography can be the unbridled tension between what is known and what is emergent – while their performances have made the remarkable case that dance can change the way we understand everything. Public Recordings’ ground-breaking performance works /Dance/Songs/, 300 TAPES, relay, Manual for Incidence and The Most Together We’ve Even Been have been presented in Austria, Croatia, France, Italy, The Netherlands the UK, and across Canada.


Choreography and performance: Ame Henderson (Public Recordings, Toronto) and Matija Ferlin (Provincija, Pula, Croatia)
Design concept: Mauricio Ferlin 
Set design (for Ljubljana): Lenka Đorojević
Costumes: Public Recordings
Sun Glasses: Sheriff & Cherry
Lighting and Technical Direction: Paul Chambers
Lighting technician: Saša Fistrić
Produced by Public Recordings, Provincija, INK-Pula (2009)
Developed in residency at Tanz Quartier Wien, Kultur Kontakt Austria
Artistic Producer: sandra Henderson 


Organisation and realisation in Ljubljana: Emanat in collaboration with Dance Theatre Ljubljana
Financial support: Ministry of Culture of Republic Slovenia, City of Ljubljana, Canada Council for the Arts, City of Pula, Public Recordings

Rewievs and media

“A small wonder about reduction and presentation, delivered with thrilling, winning charm.”
Philip Szporzer, HOUR Magazine Montreal

19.04.2014, FB, Rok Vevar, On performance of ame Henderson & Matija Ferlin "The Most Together We've Ever Been"


Workshop by Ame Henderson in Ljubljana
Matija Ferlin

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