Kamizdat Rentgen TV - Januš Aleš Luznar: ICTUSCORDIS “memoriae”


The telematic show Kamizdat Rentgen TV has joined forces with Kino Šiška to continue the playful explorations of online-streaming forms in dialogue with the concerts of intriguing and daring, mainly electronic, music makers. We have our cameras zooming in on these live events, with all the extra of video clips and online mise-en-scene to enhance this hyper-telematic experience.

This time, Kamizdat presents the performance ICTUSCORDIS “memoriae” and the album by Aleš Januš Luznar, which was created through research into the use of the body in live improvisation in the Ictuscordis project. This is based on an audiovisual situation that emanates from the heartbeat and dynamically depicts the intimate relationship between the audience and the collective heartbeat. Through the interaction of art, psychology and technology, Luznar seeks the possibility of transcending the field of metaphors, as the sound of the heart in this project is an actual, living, physical, musical and visual instrument.

Januš Aleš Luznar is a new media artist, researcher of artistic practices, music producer, DJ and performer, who has recently been exploring the human heart as an intimate artistic instrument. In the past, a close collaborator of various cultural projects such as Atelje 2050 and Center 21 (Hupa Brajdič), a participant in the Red Bull Music Academy in Cape Town and active in a wide range of fields from music production, mentoring, organization to performance and intermedia research. Among other things, he has released music for record labels such as Distinctive, Nang, Sensei, No Static, Synaptic, rx: tx and others. His album, "Ictuscordis - memoriae" will be released by Kamizdat on the day of the performance event at Kino Šiška.

Production: Emanat in collaboration with Kino Šiška and Kud Center 21 / Hupa Brajdic


» Kamizdat Rentgen « is a glimpse beneath the surface of the skin, a look at the fleshy interweaving of the bones, muscles and nerves that make up the diversity of sonic bodies. It is a series of evenings with which the Kamizdat label aims to establish a more significant presence of adventurous music artists, carving a path in fields where there are often none. The evenings are often closely connected to new music releases.

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