Kamizdat Rentgen: Netlabel Day & Access Frame - Xenophoby


Every year on the 14th of July, we have the opportunity to question the state of affairs between the commons, the private, and the public, or rather the commons, the market and the state. Every year, on the Netlabel Day, we have the opportunity to look again in the eyes of our fellow musicians, producers, publishers on the music scene, and to make it clear that there is an alternative to collective organisations and the principles of enacted copyright law. Indeed, some artists want to be closer to their audiences and do not want to accept the market and the consumer imperative. That is the creative commons.

On this day, we at Kamizdat are also releasing, with increasing consistency every year, a collection of sounds in the Access Frame series. Until now it has been a wild yet a traditional compilation, but this year we are releasing what we call a audio zine, a collage of sonic elements from diverse and adventurous Slovenian sound artists. This time Access Frame is titled "Xenophoby".

The concert event, "Kamizdat Rentgen: Netlabel Day", has an even stronger international component this time, as Kino Šiška is even more "mainstream" oriented this year. It is a lineup of live performances that is also webcast online and thus accessible to a global audience and community. The event will be streamed at 20:00 CEST at https://live.pretok.tv.


* beepblip
* Kikiriki
* Umdhlebi
* Gašper Torkar
* Luka Prinčič

“Kamizdat Rentgen” is a glance under the surface of the skin, a look into the fleshy entwinement of bones, muscles and nerves that shape the heterogeneity of the sound bodies. It is a series of music events organized by Kamizdat to increase the visibility of adventurous music makers who dare to venture into the territories where no one had been before. The events are often closely connected with the label’s new releases.



Produced by Emanat in collaboration with Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture
Financial support by the City of Ljubljana

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