Luka Prinčič: Interface Fractures III - Silicon



Luka Prinčič's series of audio-visual explorations titled Interface Fractures explores and reflects on the elusiveness of the interface as a relation between networked actors, while tracing a poetic sound-and-light moving images of contemporary cybernetic era: an interface is not a solid techno-surface separating culture and nature, but a fractured membrane interwoven with circuits. Silicon (the title of the third edition from the series) is a metaphor for the cyberculture of contemporaneity, and in symbiosis with carbon, the basis for the biopolitics of technocapitalism.

Being physically immersed in an audio-visual composition with amplified sound in the dark of the cinema culminates in a synthesis of the media in a synesthetic synchronization of light and sound circuits pushing out of the surface of the screen.

Interface Fractures III: SILICON derives from Prinčič’s previous work in the audiovisual field: Interface Fractures I (2013) & II (METAL, 2014) (Slovenska kinoteka, Ljubljana/SI), Sublimation Revision - with Maja Delak (Linux Audio Conference, Maynooth/IRL; Piksel, Bergen/NOR; LiWoLi, Linz/AT), Schizogram and Feedforward Cinema - with Luka Dekleva (Ars Electronica, Linz/AT; Netmage, Bologna/IT; EMAF, Osnabrueck/D), Retrospections: Maya Deren (Ljubljana/SI, Dresden/D, Beograd/SRB).


music, video, programming: Luka Prinčič
executive production: Nina Janež / EMANAT


production: Emanat
coproduction/partners: Slovenian Cinemateque
financial support: Municipality of Ljubljana, Ministry of Culture RS

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