Emanat News - May 2014


Urška Vohar: TRI psice, DVA planeta, ENA raketa / THREE bitches, TWO planets, ONE rocket oblikovanje / design by: Alenks Banič

New premieres in May:

Urška Vohar: THREE bitches, TWO planets, ONE rocket
physical theater

08.05. at 8pm, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana
12.05. at 8pm, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana
13.05. at 8pm, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana

THREE Bitches, TWO Planets, ONE Rocket is a satirical collection of diverse excerpts from the industries of culture and entertainment. Inherent in reality on a precipitous slope. It is a self-presentational orgy, replete with glamour and splendour, and at the same time a painful presence in the twilight of its imperfectness. The main exhibit is the performers themselves. Generously dealing in their flaws, the actors create a blend of reality and fiction.

Author: Urška Vohar / Concept: Urška Vohar, Georg Hobmeier / Performed by: Jelena Rusjan, Urška Vohar, Nataša Živković / Dramaturgy: Simona Semenič / Music: Matjaž Predanič / Set and costumes: Urška Recer / Light design: Janko Oven / Graphical design: Alenka Banič / photo: Nada Žgank / Excecutive producers: Dare Pejić, Nina Janež
Production: Emanat / Co-production: Cankarjev dom / Financial support: Ministry of Culture RS, City Municipality Ljubljana


Dance solos - SVŠGL 2014
school production

13.05. at 7pm, Dvorana 28A, SVŠGL, Ljubljana

In addition to the Avant-Premiere, the final dance production of all students of the dance module at the PSEGSL, this year the Dance solos by the fourth year’ students will also be publicly presented with their work. The students have prepared short dance solos in connection to the theoretical work The Poetics of Contemporary Dance by Laurence Louppe. In their solo creations, the students investigate the selected theme and develop their own contents. 

Performed by: Nika Ajdnik, Neva Bedenik, Anamaria Klajnšček, Maja Koražija, Alja Lacković, Petra Peček, Julija Pečnikar, Jana Repovž, Julija Šušter, Karin Vrtar
Mentor and artistic guidenc of the evening: Petra Pikalo / Light design: Marko Levičnik
Production:  Pre-School Education and Grammar School Ljubljana (director Alojz Pluško), Emanat / Financially supported: Ministry of Culture RS, City Municipality of Ljubljana


Re-runs in month May:

Avant-premiere'14: The Invisible Body of Space
excerpts from school production

19.05. at 7pm,  JSKD, Španski borci, Ljubljana, SI

Avant-Première is an annual final production of the Arts High School Ljubljana, which gives the students an organized opportunity to enter and (pre)experience performing on professional stages. The starting point for Pre-Première’14: The Invisible Body of Space was an important theoretical study The poetics of Contemporary Dance written by Laurence Louppe.
On 19th May two excerpts from the performance will be presented by the students of 2nd and 3rd grade. 


Matija Ferlin: Sad Sam Lucky
solo performance

23.05. at 7pm - Festival Transamerique, Montreal, CA
24.05. at 4pm - Festival Transamerique, Montreal, CA

Matija Ferlin’s performance Sad Sam Lucky is a physical response to the work of the Slovenian avant-garde poet Srečko Kosovel (1904 – 1926) whose confessional poetry is profound, contemporary in its spirit, internal tension and stylistic imagery, at the same time revolutionary in its ideas, brimming with immediate reflections of his personality, deeply touching and poetically invaluable.


Matija Ferlin: Sad Sam Almost 6
solo performance

25.05. at 7pm - Festival Transamerique, CA
26.05. at 7pm - Festival Transamerique, CA

In his solo performance Sad Sam Almost 6 Matija Ferlin wants to investigate a mind of a child that is not conditioned by anything, not even by his own existence. While growing up, the conscience of the existence creates numerous “terrorizing” facts that are results of social conditions and constraints. All fictitious childhood characters become enemies. The fact that we have to grow up results in imperfections that make our lives and modes of existence specific and individual.


Maja Delak: What If
solo performance

26.05. ob 8pm - Rdeči revirji, Delavski dom Trbovlje, Trbovlje, SI

What If is a solo of a dancer and a solo about a dancer; it is a dance solo about what the body is capable of doing and what not (any more). It is a dance solo about the exposure and vulnerability of all bodies. What If is a performance about an insecure, unstable and vulnerable situation the dancer on stage is pushed into, the body of a dancer at work, the body of a dancer in life, who is continuing her investigation of the intersection between the body, gender and society, while critically addressing production conditions of contemporary dance (and art in general), which are the ongoing themes of Maja Delak's work.


Image Snatchers

29.05. at 9pm - Klub Gromka, Ljubljana

Technoburlesque is a mute comedy of the body that mocks rigidity of social roles. It uncritically appropriates, copies and glues together femininity, masculinity, family relationships, machismo and other degenerated social roles that are unrighteous considered to be normative. When Image Snatchers totally expose themselves — and remove their social dresses layer by layer — they do not find the essence, but realize that the essence is nothingness, and the performed travesties opium that makes living bearable.


Concerts are lined up in May:

Wanda & Nova deViator

09.05. ob 11pm - Radio Student, Klub Channel Zero, Ljubljana, SI
23.05. ob 9pm - MC Krško, SI

Concert performance started as a clubbing derivative of multimedia concert performance Frozen Images is a move towards the transcendence of a dancefloor, especially of its potential of conscious and deliberate bodily resistance to the force of rationality. It uses a language of electronic rhythms, repetitive patterns of metalic melody, violent funk and carefully crafted dynamics of suspense, peaks and minimalism. 


Irena Tomažin: Taste of Silence
promo concert

14.05. at 9pm - TipoRenesansa, Ljubljana, SI

Mini album Taste of Silence percolates between contemporary vocalisations and traditional heartbreaking melodies. This juxtaposition brings out paralels and coverings that we can feel in music's physicality. As always special effort was made with album's design, this time with an approach similar to book binding, with playful typographic positioning of lyrics. All with the purpose of making an almost intimate relation to different contexts of making music.


New releases at Kamizdat:

In May Kamizdat  music label will release two albums that result on performances and live contacts with the audiences:

Nova deViator: Technoburlesque Image Snatchers EP 
29.05. at 9pm - Klub Gromka, Ljubljana, SI

“Technoburlesque Image Snatchers EP” is based on a series of club evenings of the same name created in 2013 by The Feminalz: Tristan Bargeld, Mathilde Buns, H.P.D., Mad Jakale, Frau Strapatz, Crucial Pink, and guests. For such a variete show with a comical and criticial bend number of electronic musical fragments and reworked reappropriated recordings were written and produced. While the series continues in 2014 and onwards with new noise eruptions and electronic remixes Nova deViator gathered sound fragments for this EP and additionally upgraded, reworked and "composted" them.

The Invisible Body of Space
09.05. - Kamizdat, Ljubljana, SI

Music that was created for the school performance Avant-premiere'14: The Invisible Body of Space. Authors of the music are Luka Prinčič, Matjaž Predanič and Octa Push. 


In May we continue with education program:

Irena Tomažin: Vocal workshop
Wednesdays at 4pm, Cepetka, JSKD, Ljubljana, SI

Barbara Kanc: Little Danceroom
Mondays at 4.30pm and at 5.30pm in Puppet theater Ljubljana, SI

open dance classes in May Dance Theater Ljubljana from 9am until 10:30am. 

05. – 09.05. - Dejan Srhoj
12. - 16.05. - Nina Fajdiga
19. - 23.05. - Gregor Kamnikar
26. - 30.05. - Ana Schnabl