Talk no. 12: Katja Legin & Rok Vevar

discussion about the practices, methods, and approaches that Katja has been developing since her MA studies and which she explored in her book /Dualisms: A Performer Prepares/, within collaborations and in No!training Lab

Metodologije beleženja/ methodologies of notation: Katja Legin & Rok Vevar foto/photo by: Nada Žgank


Rok and Katja will discuss the practices, methods, and approaches that Katja has been developing since her MA studies at the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television and which she explored extensively in her book /Dualisms: A Performer Prepares/, within collaborations in different projects, and especially in the project No!training Lab. Since she understands the performer and his work as the pivot of stage arts, they will address other issues, which are currently relevant in their separate interests, predominantly from this perspective. Further, discussing the staging /Variations on Slowness: TIME OUT/, they will examine the questions of choreography and direction as well as dance and theatre. Is it necessary to make this sort of a distinction? If yes, what and where is the distinction? What does the position of “in-between” bring? Are these questions still relevant?
They will also touch upon the theme of humour, relation between structure and aliveness on stage, (in)consistency of authorial poetics/code/language, and the question of authorship itself: does Katja have author’s rights when she collaborates in projects as a performer/dancer, in which cases and why? On the other hand, how to think authorship in the case of the “collective” No!training Lab?



Katja Legin received her formal dance education first at the Pre-School Education and Grammar School Ljubljana, module contemporary dance, and then at the Laban Centre in London (2004-2007). After graduating, she joined the Ljubljana-based international dance group EKG, within which she collaborated with many Slovene and international dance and theatre makers (from 2007 to 2009). She continued her postgraduate studies at the department of theatre direction at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film, and Television in Ljubljana, following her artistic interests in improvisation, the question of aliveness on stage, and the qualities of performer's work. She has further developed her MA thesis in the book Dualisms: A Performer Prepares (published in Slovenian by MGL Library Book Collection, 2015). She is active as performer, choreographer, and dramaturge. As dramaturge, she regularly collaborates with the theatre director Tomi Janežič. She is also the co-curator of monthly music-performance improvisation events Neforma. In 2012, she initiated No!training Lab, in which she has been exploring with a group of performers/makers different aspects of performing arts (1. Performing qualities, 2. Dramaturgy/analysis, 3. Performing). The three-year long project concluded in December 2015 with the performance Variations on Slowness: TIME OUT. However, the No!training Lab team continues exploring its interests: reruns of the performance (2016 Mladi levi Festival, 2016 Co-festival) offer an opportunity to further upgrade, deepen, and open up performative aspects and qualities within the performance's structure.


Rok Vevar is a writer and theatre critic and a theoretician and historian of contemporary dance. He is the author of the book Deadline – Selected Articles and Essays (2011). He has graduated from comparative literature and literary theory at the Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana, studied theatre directing at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (1998 – 2000), and attended GILŠ Kodum Ljubljana (1993-1996). He co-directed  three performances with Simona Semenič. As mentor and dramaturg, he collaborated with a number of dance artists. He is the initiator and curator of Ukrep – Festival of Dance Perspectives and of the School of Creative Criticism. He has been part of Pre-Glej projects in Glej Theatre. He has contributed to the compendium Contemporary Performing Arts (Maska, 2006) and the book 500 dramskih zgodb (Mladinska knjiga, 1997). He is the editor of the Digital Collection of Contemporary Dance in Španski borci Culture Centre.

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