Tamara Polanc (SI): Ballet

focus primarily on the natural, healthy, and correct alignment of the body and on coordination and musicality of movement

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My ballet class focuses primarily on the natural, healthy, and correct alignment of the body and on coordination and musicality of movement. The starting point is always the specific characteristics of the dancer’s body and her/his level of knowledge, which is gradually upgraded through the classes. The barre section of the class includes short, relatively simple sequences that allow a step-by-step preparation of the body for more demanding combinations in the centre section, where we develop and improve the balance and control of the body’s centre. The concluding part consists of jumps (allegro) and spinning (pirouettes). Imagination and creativity are drawn into the class as tools for improving technique and the overall dance expression.


Tamara Polanc studied dance at the Ljubljana Music and Ballet Conservatory (finished in 2006), at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (2008-10), and at numerous workshops at home and abroad (Frey Faust, Zuna Kozankova, Milan Kozanek, Julyen Hamilton, Ame Henderson, Eduardo Torroja,  Stephanie Cumming, Kjara Starič, Matej Kejžar, Jurij Konjar, Noja Hajos, Davide Sportelli, Guy Nader). In 2013 she completed her studies in music pedagogy at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana. She is currently working as a freelance teacher, dancer, and choreographer. She has been a member of the dance group Fourklor, led by choreographer Branko Potočan, since 2013. Her collaborations include Jana Menger, Matjaž Pograjc, and Matjaž Farič, among others. Tamara is creating also her own performances and choreographies (Odmevi iz prahu, Hiša, Faza REM, Debussyjev večer, Plašček za Barbaro, Lunino kraljestvo, Jelkina želja). She has been teaching ballet extensively for already six years – currently in the sports association Moj klub in Bled, prior to that, she has taught in the Ballet Society Postojna and at the art high school (SVŠGL), module contemporary dance. She is also teaching contemporary dance at the No Stress Centre.


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