Katja Kolarič (SI): Ballet and Contemporary Dance

ballet for contemporary dancers and contemporary technique


Ballet for contemporay dancers (Thursdays)

We will give the body an opportunity to explore the connections between formal aesthetics and the anatomical structure of the body. We will deepen the understanding of functional movement principles using ballet vocabulary. Emphasis will be on the use of space and the search for alignment of our body, as well as the exploration of various dynamic principles through the conscious use of music.

Vertical power (Tuesdays)

The class will focus on body positioning with exercises to strengthen strength, flexibility and body awareness. We will explore different levels of energy and speed of movement and test our body's capabilities.


Katja began her dance career with modern dance styles such as jazz, show dance and disco dance. At the same time, she also attended a junior ballet school from a young age. She participated in national and international competitions and received the title of state champion in disco dance. in larger categories, and achieved excellent results in the show dance category. After finishing elementary school, she enrolled at the Conservatory of Music and Ballet in Maribor, where she experienced the discipline and improved her technical skills and graduated from ballet in the summer of 2012. During school, she participated in ballet competitions and collaborated with the Maribor National Theater. She continued her studies at the Dance Academy in Ljubljana, where she upgraded her knowledge of contemporary dance and pedagogy. During her studies, she worked closely with the most important Slovenian dancers and choreographers in the field of contemporary dance, and actively participated in informal training in Slovenia and abroad. In January 2020, in the co-production of Španski borcev, she premiered her solo project Bili smo...bomo, which she created together with her partner and musician Andrej Supančič. As a dancer, she participated in many shows and performances in the field of contemporary dance arts. since summer 2020 she was a member of the En Knap Group dance company. In addition to dancing, Katja is actively interested in painting and drawing and is completing her master's degree at a private art academy in Ljubljana.


SPEGSPAGSL, Dance and theatre center, Kardeljeva ploščad 28 A, Ljubljana.


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