Warrego Valles: Botox



Stylistically, the music in Botox - a debut full length for Warrego Valles - seems to draw influences from a deep underground electronic dance music, but it is based on its contemporary deconstruction, which results in a dark minimalist abstract post-genre electro and glitchy sonic landscapes. The album’s thematic undercurrents tell a story about the present times: ephemerality of all action and destruction of the planet due to climate change and slavery. A grim vision of a world ruled by psychopaths driven by the will to control, greed and domination.

Warrego Valles is the blending of two sonic psychonauts who produce exploratory electronic music with clear background in dark dancefloor aesthetics and subtle dashes of activist poetics. In 2017, they made quite a stir in the Slovene electronic music scene, within their audience, among colleagues and in the media. The members of the duo are producer Nina Hudej and musician & vocalist Nina Kodrič (NinaBelle), both established electronic music DJs, skilled producers and experienced musicians. They are also active as event managers and promoters of equal opportunities and diversity in electronic music, focused on presenting live alternative electronic acts in Ljubljana.


  1. Cyborg Not Cyborg
  2. Keep An Eye On That Ice Cream
  3. RIP Girls Toys
  4. Botox
  5. Pool Reflection
  6. Madmen
  7. 5000000000 YRS
  8. Stop That Noise
  9. Passing
  10. Surprise! No Magic
  11. Human Body Game
  12. No Sign Of Mankind
  13. + bonus downtempo sugar


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Some rights reserved under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA) licence www.creativecommons.com/licence


produced, recorded, arranged, mixed by Warrego Valles (Nina Hudej, NinaBelle)
mastered by Benjamin Pečnikar

liner notes by Luka Prinčič
front cover illustration by Stefan Fähler
design by Rok Mar
booklet hand-made by Maruša ‘MARUJI’ Hren
printed by Janja Baznik, ‘Pri Tiskarskem Škratu’

product photo by Nada Žgank, www.mementoimage.com


Media support by Radio Študent Ljubljana
Financially supported by City Municipality of Ljubljana


27.03.2018, Synths of Eden, Electronica: Warrego Valles - Madman 

The duo of Nina Hudej and Nina Kodrič give a fresh take on deconstructed club music – instead of repeating common tropes ad infinitum, they opted to create a versatile glitchy collage focused on rhythmic structure, samples and deviations of electronic and dance music, where ruptures in familiar patterns signal ecological, social and economic downfalls of modern society. Warrego Valles plays with futuristic and dystopian visions of society, both aggressive and comatose as if to reflect the interplay of loneliness and greed, domination and submission.
04.02.2019, Secret Thirteen, Albums that made our 2018 brighter

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