Mabel E. Todd: The Thinking Body


Mabel E. Todd: Misleče telo oblikovanje/graphic design: Mauricio Ferlin

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The Thinking Body can be, without exaggeration, described as one of the 20th century's milestone works, and as the first interdisciplinary study on the biomechanics of movement, that initiated the development of many methods, techniques and approaches in the field of somatic practices. Mabel E. Todd succeeded to inform academic community and broader circle of practitioners, performers and pedagogues in the fields of sports, physical education, rhythmic, dance and play with her far-reaching ideas. 
“It is as profoundly true that our thinking is affected by our bodily attitudes as our bodily attitudes are in turn affected when reflecting our mental and bodily states.” These frequently quoted words by Mabel E. Todd have are more valid than ever before in our predominantly 'sedentary' societies. Translated edition is aimed mostly at dancers, actors, sportsmen and sportswomen, physiotherapists, student of motor development and kinesiology, but also at other people that would like to train their bodies to think and act in accordance with their anatomic endowments. 

Mabel E. Todd (1880 – 1956), teacher and mentor, raised in Syracuse, New York State. After trouble with kidneys in her childhood and unfortunate fall in her twenties she has been focused on discovering movement techniques with which she would make her life and moving about easier and in that would enable her to pursue further education. She gained knowledge in motor development, anatomy and movement apparatus that she initially needed for herself, and later on disseminated it as a mentor in her Natural posture studio and in the study The Thinking Body, originally published in 1937. Her study still remains a classic work as part of dance literature curriculum at dance schools and academies.


Translation: Urban Belina
Verification of medical terms: Veronika Dintinjana, dr. med.
Proofreading: Andreja Kalc
Series editor: Maja Delak
Book editors: Urban Belina, Dare Pejić
Post-DTP review: Mario Batelić
Graphic design: Mauricio Ferlin
Print: CICERO Begunje, d. o. o.


Publishing: Emanat
Co-publisher: Public fund for Cultural Activities, Igor Teršar, director

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