Delak, Prinčič: Transmittance#0 foto/photo: Anton Roca


Projekt Transmittance#0 is a beginning of Transmittance. Residencies in Longiano and Cesena were dedicated to preparation of the tools and open rehearsal in Teatro Petrella with theoretical interventions by Adele Cacciagrano, Tihana Maravic, Silvia Mei.

Texts included in public presentation:
Silvia Mei: The incarnated beauty. Between the painting and the pornography (IT)
Adele Cacciagrano: Wanda and Nova deViator (IT)
Tihana Maravić: Towards the Gaze; You Don't See Me
Synopsis of presentation

See the documentation of the presentation:
Transmittance#0 - 19. 12. 2010 ob 18.00 - Teatro Petrella, Longiano, Italija
General technical raider 


Transmittance is a project proposed by Maja Delak & Luka Prinčič and is avaliable as research, educational and/or performance model including a preparation time and performance event that is streamed on-line. 

Created and performed by: Maja Delak & Luka Prinčič
Texts and theoretical interventions: Adele Cacciagrano, Tihana Maravic, Silvia Mei
Light: Fabrizio Zanuccoli

Program VIA DEL CONFINE, The East Side (of the moon) Kurator: Nhandan Chirco
Video documentation: Elena Prati, Anton Roca, Mariano Marini
Video documentation edited by: Luka Prinčič
Photo documentation: Anton Roca


Organized by: YANVII, Rad'Art Project/Artéco, Teatro Petrella, Emanat Institute
Financially supported by: Ministry for Culture RS, Municipality of Ljubljana - Department for Culture, Teatro Petrella Longiano


Frozen Images di Wanda & Nova; Corriere, Claudia Rocchi, IT, 17.12.2010
Via del confine / The East Side of the Moon; Wanda & Nova deViator, 10.12.2010


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