Leon Marič: Küšni me (Kiss me)



When the Prekmurje pozvačin knocks on the door of your house with the four corners, you know that an important event is about to take place in the village. Two people you may not necessarily know have decided to tie the knot, and the pozvačin’s job is to invite the villagers to their big wedding. The pozvačin must fulfil this important, perhaps even honourable task with joy and ingenuity, albeit somewhat awkwardly.

Leon Marič’s perormance is based on the still living tradition of the pozvačin (a wedding summoner) and places it alongside his own identity. Although at first glance it seems that Slovenian cultural heritage and the freedom of expression of the contemporary individual have little in common, it is precisely in their confrontation that the performance finds parallels between them, which are most evident in the author’s many “firsts". The roots of the tradition in which he grew up run through him, as do elements of queer (night) culture that have helped him to emancipate himself. Looking at the ritual character of the jocular heroes of Slovenian folklore, it is not difficult to recognise similar levers and potentials in queer manifestations. Just as pozvačin invites us to a large group celebration of a couple's love, queer invites us to a group celebration of diverse, universal love – two expressions of love and celebration, this time fused in the author himself.

Küšni me (Kiss me) is a love letter to the existing and emerging traditions of our space and asks us, in a time that demands us to be as punchy as possible, which wedding we are going to.

Technical report

Fast flashing, blinking light signals are used in the performance for a short periods of time, which can cause anxiety or seizures in persons  with the light epilepsy or those sensitive to light.


Concept and performance: Leon Marič
Advising: Maja Delak, Nataša Živković
Accompanying text and Outside eye: Benjamin Zajc
Set design: Tomislav Krnač
Costume design: Jan Brovč, Marija Marič
Music and sound design: Maja Delak, Luka Prinčič
Music used in the performance: Trgaj mi rožice, ala pecula: antonym21, Matjaž Predanič: harmonika, Blaž Pavlica: background1
Sounds used from platform freesound.org by authors: smallsushi, klankschap, slwbase, ravelite, moai15, fmiramar, vdmr, leonelmail, defysolipsis, sholecolitis, dibko, sebbas414
Light design: Urška Vohar
Technical support: Aljaž Zaletel
Graphic design and illustration: Matic Brinc
Photos: Marijo Zupanov
Translation and proofreading: Katja Kosi
Executive production: Sabrina Železnik
Organisation: Tamara Pepelnik


Production: Emanat
Co-organisation: Dance Theatre Ljubljana
Financial support: Slovenian Ministry of Culture and City of Ljubljana
Special thanks: Secondary Preschool Education, Grammar School and Performing Arts Grammar School Ljubljana, Darinka Raduha, Antika Ferjan, Destilarna Pozvačin

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