Dance Solos 2012


4.h, 2011/12 foto/photo: Nada Žgank
In addition to the Avant-Premiere 2011, the final dance production of all students of the dance module at the PSEGSL, this year the Dance solos by the fourth year’ students will also be publically presented with their work. The students have prepared short dance solos in connection to the theme of Avantguard. In their solo creations, the students investigate the selected theme and develop their own contents. 


Emili Bizjak: Brain Chaos

music: First of the Year (Skrillex), Limit to Your Love (James Blake) / music edit: DJ Tiann / video: Jaka Curlič

People hide behind their masks, concealing their true selves. We have contracted this infection long ago and united with others in public life. Inside we nevertheless know that something is not right and that our behaviour makes our paths more difficult. There is a constant clash of our brains and our selves, but why does the ego have to overpower everything?

Life offers many different paths, which signs will you follow? Do you notice them at all? Do you follow them?

If you listen to them, they will show you the right way and open your eyes so that you will recognise who you are. You encounter obstacles on your way – the people who blind you, do not let you go, consume you.

But you have to be strong, look away and be committed to yourself.

Nika Mlakar: What Is My Desire Like?

music: Dull Flame of Desire (Bjork)

Our society's everyday problem is that we do not dare to be what we actually are as the demands of our society are often too great. Sometimes we are not even aware of this ourselves – so we pursue that which has influence over us. That's why we are often in stress, in conflict with ourselves – how to present oneself? For the sole purpose to be noticed, desired, to please, we emphasise our positive traits, concealing the negative ones, as we are afraid to be seen as weak and helpless. We do not dare to go over the boundaries and be what we are. I find this stifling and that's why I am thinking about my boundaries because I want to be unwavering and brave.

Naomi Novak: The Soul, the Revolution 

music: Meltdown (Broken Note), Downshifting

The soul makes notes of all our experiences and transformations which form and affect our personality. On the other hand revolution brings transformations and demands them. Sometimes we do not know how to use our experiences, sometimes we use them unconsciously. How to abandon the patterns we repeat unconsciously and awaken those which we know but never use? We all go through a revolution of the soul in the course of our lives. At birth we are an undefined creature. When we are growing up we learn, investigate, but mainly we build our own paths.

Maja Radojevič: Be What You Are and Believe in Yourself

music: Comptine d'Un Autre Été (Yann Tiersen), Vanja Novak 

video: Dušan Teropšič

video edit: Maja Radojevič

costum: Veronika Radojevič

Connecting music, dance, drawing, and the media. To succeed we have to believe in ourselves and in our abilities. If there were no past, we wouldn't have been what we are today – our present actions dictate our future. Time does not exist. It's a creation in the minds of men, to not lose our sense of orientation, though it actually limits us. The chains of the past cling to us as a block. We become our own avantgarde. Wim Wandekeybus says that the vertical body has control, while the horizontal surrenders. At some future point when I will look back on my life I don't want to have any regrets.

Vesna Zupanc: My Struggle

music: Triksi Veronica (Vanja Novak)

The words I connect most strongly with the avantgarde are revolution and shock. I see them as a turning point, a change that has to happen every now and then in every individual and society. Although we can read about revolutions in history books, each person is one's own revolutionary – to show something new, unexpected, and thus awaken a certain feeling in other people, be it revolt, interest, grief, or laughter.

This is the choice we definitely have – when we are creating, dancing. Our life is different then. I believe that dance is the art of realisation of alternatives – diversities, possibilities, changes.

Laura Štangelj: The Soul of the Group 

music: Emotional in Las - Power Surge (Borghesia), Consciousness (James Löffler)

edited by Vanja Novak

I always dance in a group. This gives me strength and support. My soul says that I can be free and dance by myself. Everybody has one's own style in life. We only experience it from different perspectives, though it is actually always one and the same thing.

Mentor and artistic guidance of the evening: Sinja Ožbolt


Production: SVŠGL, Emanat

In collaboration with Dance Theater Ljubljana

Finacial support: Municipality of Ljubljana - Department for Culture

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