Image snatchers


Tatovi podob / Image Snatchers Foto / Photo: Marijo Zupanov

Technoburlesque is a mute comedy of the body that mocks rigidity of social roles. It uncritically appropriates, copies and glues together femininity, masculinity, family relationships, machismo and other degenerated social roles that are unrighteous considered to be normative. When Image Snatchers totally expose themselves - and remove their social dresses layer by layer - they do not find the essence, but realize that the essence is nothingness, and the performed travesties opium that makes living bearable. This amusing play in cross-dressing and their behavior are a result of great sexual and bodily liberation from social bands. Satisfied in eclectic noise of media images they stretch popular snap-shots and bite them to their unheard-of forms that provoke burst of laughter or despair. Image Snatchers don't seek for meaning but pleasure. As pleasure is the hedonistic polish with which they smeared everyday objects and made something exceptional out of them. Technoburlesque is an intersection of (program/cybernetic) code and subjectivity; a laying bare of the physical and emotional body indivisibly bound up with the information matrix of contemporaneity.

An orchestra of snowdrops and primroses will soon chase away the creaking winter cold, and the cheeks of the Technoburlesque visitors will soon be red again. The buds of cherries and magnolias will sprout. The furrows of their buds open wide to intercept the pollen grains. The corporeal sensations of the Feminalz collective, which, after ten years of challenging (that other) Matilda, are far from withered, but are more attractive than ever before sprouting roots, thickening stems and adorning themselves with beautiful flowers. Not even the most suppressed bee can resist the sweetness of honey. Don't miss the spring prelude to the 2023 Jubilee season - buy the tickets and secure your pollination on March 23, 2023.

Feminalz: H.P.D. (hormonal perturbator in decay), Crucial Pink, GlitterAid, Belinda, Musée-Cunt, Mad Jakale, Gospod Magdalenca
Selection and original music: Feminalz and Luka Prinčič
Light design: Janko Oven
Make-up and hair design: Tina Prpar
Costume design: Tanja Pađan/Kiss the Future
Production: Emanat
Financial support: Ministry of Culture RS, City of Ljubljana

Entrance fee: 10 €
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