Maayan Danoch (IL/DE): Contemporary dance and ballet for contemporary dancers

the class aims to enhance somatic awareness and body connectivity

Maayan Danoch foto/photo by: Tamar Lan


Contemporary dance

The class aims to enhance somatic awareness and body connectivity. By engaging and disengaging places in the body, we become attentive towards the body coordination, which provides us as a ground to explore movement complexity and play with its particular qualities. The class starts with body work (alone or with a partner) that expends into movement study and play. It continues by applying found principles or sensations onto movement sequences, which are later challenged and modified rhythmically and spatially. The movement sequences offer a frame work within choice making can be practiced in relation to timing, intensity, volume, etc. and various articulations of a single material can be discovered.

Ballet for contemporary dancers

The class gives an opportunity to investigate the connection between the formal aesthetic and the anatomical structure of the body. We will deepen the understanding of functional movement principles while implementing ballet vocabulary. The class emphasises traveling through space and finding our body alignment in relation to gravity as well as exploring different dynamic principles through conscious use of music.


Maayan Danoch was born in Tel Aviv, studied contemporary dance and choreography at SEAD and received her MA from the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln. Maayan created dance, site specific and transdisciplinary works, which were presented at venues/festivals such as Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Diver festival, Tanzmesse Düsseldorf, tanz.tausch festival, Kibla Multimedia Center, Gödör Klub Budapest, Dance Theater Ljubljana, to name a few. As a dancer she worked with Jana Unmü.ig (DE), Mårten
Spångberg (SE), Maya Weinberg (IL/DE), Oleg Soulimenko (RUS/AT) and Dragana Alfirevic (SLO). Maayan was the danceWEB Scholarship recipient in 2014 and artist in residence at Kelim Choreography Center in 2015. She taught dance and writing
seminars at the HfMT Köln, SEAD, Ljubljana Dance Academy, Tanzfabrik, Dock 11, among others. She wrote for publications of the 5th. Biennale Tanzausbildung and Tanzkongress 2013.


SVŠGL, gledališko-plesna dvorana, Kardeljeva ploščad 28 A


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