Jana Menger (SI): Class

Dance class based on the physical preparation of the dancer and interpretation of dance material.

Jana Menger: Rekel nii nič foto/photo by: arhiv J. Menger


Class is consists of two parts. In the first part we focus on general physical preparation of the dancer, we are interested in stamina, strength, coordination and flexibility. The aim of the second part is to acquire and interpret a dance combination, the motto of which is:

  • think together with the body
  • floor is dancer's partner
  • where in space the body lives and where it travels
  • when body moves fast it thinks slow and when the body moves slow it thinks fast
  • the rythm – dramaturgy of the body


Dancer and choreographer Jana Menger studied at primary school for ballet and music in Novo mesto, where she also competed in sport's gymnastics. Soon after, she started a process of self-education in the field of Contemporary dance and theatre with many Slovene and foreign pedagogues. In the year 1993 she became a member of Plesni teater Ljubljana, which opened the door for her to professional dance and theater creative processes. In 2013 she graduated at Academy for dance in Ljubljana and enrolled in post-graduate studies at AGRFT (Academy for theatre, radio, film and television) the same year. The opus of dancer and choreographer Jana Menger consists of more than seventy dance and theatre performances. Since 1994 she collaborates  with several directors and choreographers, both in professional and independent productions. 


SVŠGL, gledališko-plesna dvorana, Kardeljeva ploščad 28 A



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