April Veselko: Contemporory Dance with Acrobatics (SI)

experience learned elements by using "soft and strong" principle of movement

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In the class of contemporary dance with acrobatics, we will gradually learn floor tricks, hand tricks and jumping tricks in an organic way. The class will consist of appropriate warm-ups, exercises to strengthen muscles and the flexibility needed to perform acrobatics safely and correctly, and just learn the acrobatic elements. The aim of the class is the connected use of the learned elements in the dance sequence according to the principles of combining fluidity, efficiency and the principle of "soft and strong".


April Veselko is a dancer, choreographer and dance pedagogue. She started with contemporary dance at the Maribor Dance Chamber, and later got acquainted with other dance genres (modern, ballet, jazz, hip hop / street styles and cabaret). In 2016, she completed the international training Dance's Start Up - Leggere Strutture Art Factory, in Bologna, Italy, and in 2018, the MoDem PRO program under the auspices of Zappalà Danza in Catania, Sicily. She has created several authorial projects under the production of the Institute of the Federation, KD Center Plesa Maribor and Scenario Pubblico. As a dancer, she has collaborated with various established choreographers (Matjaž Farič, Seiffedine Manai, Daniel Conant, Magdalena Reiter, Mattia Gandini, Gioa Maria Morisco, Jure Masten & Katarina Barbara Kavčič, Gregor Luštek, Eduardo Torroja, Barbara Kanc). April also participated in the OPUS1 dance miniature competition for several years and was awarded the prize for the best choreographic idea six times, and in 2017 her miniature What does the body dream (Bodi Telo) also received the second prize at 3 ... 2. .1… DANCE! choreographic competition in Krakow, Poland. As a dance pedagogue, April has been working regularly since 2016. She is a member of the Tovarishia Dance Company and the ŠIK Dance Collective.


SVŠGUL, Dance and theatre center, Kardeljeva ploščad 28 A.


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