Urška Vohar

dancer, performer, choreographer, dance educator, light designer

Urška Vohar

“My work focuses primarily on the research of physical and emotional body, its capabilities and limitations, on questions of its positioning in the social frame and the relation of society toward the body itself. The content is expressed through different performative forms and specificities of the performer, who is capable of a manifold, complex expression. At the same time, my work is delineated by my inclination toward the visual (study of visual arts), which results in the fact that the work is interweaved with the interaction of visual images and focused on the composition of space and spatial relations.”
Urška Vohar 

Urška Vohar – choreographer, dancers and dance educator. She finished high school in Maribor and graduated at Maribor’s Faculty of Education (visual art pedagogics). In 2006 she graduated from the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam, Holland, and collaborated with many dance teachers and choreographers, such as Snježana Premuš, Matej Kejžar, Jasmina Križaj, Andreja Rauch, Tina Dobaj Eder, Maja Delak, Ann Popoulis, Frey Faust, Andy Papas, Katie Duck, Thomas Lehmen, Andrew Morrish, David Zambrano, Juan Kruz, Keren Levi, Igor Dobričić, Ellen Knops, Vincent Cocialano, Andrew Morrish, Georg Hobmeier ... She is an author of two solo dance projects I was born on Sunday and Dust Republic that were presented at various festivals (Nagib, Maribor), Masdanza (Canary Islands), Gibanica (Ljubljana) and Platforme of Young Creators (Maribor). She currently lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


2014: THREE bitches, TWO planets, ONE rocket
2013: Tatovi podob/Image Snatchers - tehnoburleska (več avtorjev)
2011 Zakaj te ne morem zapustiti (soavtorstvo: Urška Vohar, Tina Valentan)
2009 Leotard (Triko)
2008 The Republic or Bon Voyage, Greta Garbo
2006 Dust Republic
2005 I Want to Dance with my Neighbours (co-authors: Katy Hernan, Viola Perra, Aitana Cordero, Guillem Mont, Pere Gay I Faura, Montse Roig, Jasmina Križaj)
2005 I Was Worn on Sunday
2004 no(t) so fa(r)
2004 Tromasovka II (co-authors: Jasmina Križaj in Tina Valentan)
2004 Will This Cartoon Ever Make Sense?
2003 Tromasovka (co-authors: Jasmina Križaj in Tina Valentan)