Pre-premiere '13: A Room of One's own


Pred-premiera '13: Lastna soba


Pre-Première (emphasis on the preposition) is an annual final production (since 2003) of the Arts High School Ljubljana, which gives the students an organised opportunity to enter and (pre)experience performing on professional stages. The starting point for Pre-Première ’13, A Room of One’s Own, is Virginia Woolf’s 1929 essay of the same title, which is one of the most significant cultural-historical feminist literary works, as it was the first to articulate the demand for women’s right to spiritual, bodily, and intellectual integrity as well as the right to search for their own identity. The students have prepared two stagings of A Room of One’s Own, performed on different locations. Each grade of students deals with the questions of culturally and historically conditioned gender differences and stereotypes, addressing identity politics and issues of masculinity and femininity in relation to the personal and the social, the engaged and the critical. Are female and male self-evident categories or are they a result of our own constructs and ideological inscriptions? What are gender representations like and what inhabits them? Drawing on their own ideas and thoughts formed within the educational process, the students precisely lay out the themes and answer questions, rounding them off with performative tools to make up a comprehensive whole.

My own room is the state of my soul fusing with the released oxygen molecules. Breath!
My own room is my life channel which I myself form, I plant flowers there and trample the grass. There are more flowers than trampled grass.
My own room is my shelter. It’s my reflection.
My own room is my shelter. I’m rearranging it, I make it what it is, I enjoy there.
My own room is my intimacy, my longing, my freedom. In my own room I can be what I was never allowed to be.
Full of everything and untidy. An image of my personality. My own room.
My own room gives the impression of lost virginity.
My own room is painted in a relaxed green, there’s a big mattress, radio … It is a space where I enjoy, cry, have orgasms … I have a small rainbow parrot.
My own room is the audience’s reaction.
(4.H students)


Side programme: Photo exhibition Avantgarde by Nada Žgank. Selected photos from Pre-Première ’12, Avantgarde.



Artistic guidance: Nina Fajdiga in Vita Osojnik
Mentors: Mojca Dimec, Ana Čigon, Maja Delak, Nina Fajdiga, Barbara Krajnc Avdić, Vita Osojnik, Sinja Ožbolt, Matjaž Predanič
Music: Matjaž Predanič
Costumes and styling: Urška Recer
Video: Ana Čigon
Lights design: Urška Vohar
Hair styling: Srednja frizerska šola Ljubljana
Photography: Nada Žgank
Graphic design: Tanja Radež
Technical support: ekipa SMEEL 
Coordination: Maja Delak


Production: SVSGL and Emanat
In collaboration: Bunker and Old Power Station Ljubljana
Financially supported: City municipality Ljubljana

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