Emanat News September 2014


Maja Delak: Sramota / Shame (2011) foto/photo by: Nada Žgank

Maja Delak: Shame

multimedia performance



05.09. 2014 - Anton Podbevšek Teater, Novo mesto

Shame speaks through many languages. The bodies, the sounds, the music, images, and words speak out at the same time. What they want to tell lies in the overlaps and gaps between individual languages. They speak about the subjects on stage and the subjects in front of it in a way that like the subjects evades an unambiguous signification: with stillness, delays, interruptions, twists, hesitations, duplications, echoes. We are never entirely or only here, we are always also somewhere else – where we can for a moment believe that we are someone else or dream to be. Sometimes we even act as us. We witness our own objectification when the body, controlled by its own subjection to the gaze, has to respond with that which deprives it of its voice.
(Tea Hvala)

Created and performed by: Loup Abramovici, Ingrid Berger Myhre, Maja Delak, Katja Kosi, Luka Prinčič, Maja Smrekar, Irena Tomažin
Concept and choreography: Maja Delak
In collaboration with: Loup Abramovici, Ingrid Berger Myhre, Nina Fajdiga, Tea Hvala, Katja Kosi, Luka Prinčič, Maja Smrekar, Irena Tomažin, Nataša Živkovič
Video, sound, programming: Luka Prinčič
Video and scenography: Maja Smrekar
Costumes by: Ajda Tomazin
Light design: Urška Vohar
Texts: Loup Abramovici, Ingrid Berger Myhre, Katja Kosi, Irena Tomažin
Quoted texts: Lev N. Tolstoj, Mady Schutzman, Leo Lionni, Michio Kushi
Translations: Katja Kosi
Executive producer: Nina Janež, Dare Pejić

Production: Emanat
Financially supported by: Ministry of Culture RS, Municipality of Ljubljana
In collaboration with: Via Negativa, Bunker, SMEEL

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Luka Prinčič: Interface Fractures II - Metal

audiovisual performance

17.09.2014 at 21:00, Slovenian Cinematheque, Ljubljana


“Interface Fractures II: METAL” is an audio-visual composition performed live with rapid moving images synchronized with rhythmical intertwinement of noise, low frequencies and digital clicks. In the darkness of cinema and through mutual amplification of vision and sound the experience of the composition is very physical and immersive. Rhythmical pulsation of low and high frequencies merges with visual movements.

Cinema hall is a place where we find ourselves alone with images. With audiovisual performance ‘METAL’ we - instead of cinematic experience as one of the first place of darkness and projected ‘moving images’ - relay on what externalises cinematic experience and tries to upgrade it: in fractures, illuminated by light projector; in fragments of graphic images, where computer code is inscripted between frames and music that starts up video images to flow.

Interface Fractures II: METAL derives from Prinčič’s previous work in the audiovisual field: Interface Fractures I (Slovenska kinoteka, Ljubljana/SI), Sublimation Revision, with Maja Delak (Linux Audio Conference, Maynooth/IRL; Piksel, Bergen/NOR; LiWoLi, Linz/AT), Schizogram, with Luka Dekleva (Ars Electronica, Linz/AT), FeedForward Cinema, with Luka Dekleva (Netmage, Bologna/IT; EMAF, Osnabrueck/D), Retrospections: Maya Deren (Ljubljana/SI, Dresden/D, Beograd/SRB).

music, video, programming: Luka Prinčič
production: Dare Pejić

co-production/partners: Galerija Kapelica, Slovenska kinoteka
financial support: Municipality of Ljubljana, Ministry of Culture RS

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Matija Ferlin: Sad Sam Lucky

solo performance

18.09. 2014 - Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival, Dublin, IRL
19.09. 2014 - Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival, Dublin, IRL
20.09. 2014 - Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival, Dublin, IRL

Ferlin’s performance Sad Sam Lucky is a physical response to the work of the Slovenian avant-garde poet Srečko Kosovel (1904 – 1926) whose confessional poetry is profound, contemporary in its spirit, internal tension and stylistic imagery, at the same time revolutionary in its ideas, brimming with immediate reflections of his personality, deeply touching and poetically invaluable.

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Irena Tomažin: The Taste of SIlence Always Resonates

21.09. 2014 - Ganz New Festival, Studentski centar, Zagreb, HR

In her project Irena Tomažin once again uses the medium of voice and body as her tool(s) to tackle the themes of tradition, heritage and the status of voice(s) and images, which voice as a medium of oral tradition is carrying on, from one generation to the next.

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The Taste of Silence Always Resonates - video >>

Maja Delak: What if

solo performance

23.09. 2014 - Stara elektrarna SMEEL, Ljubljana

It is a dance solo about the exposure and vulnerability of all bodies. What If is a performance about an insecure, unstable and vulnerable situation the dancer on stage is pushed into, the body of a dancer at work, the body of a dancer in life, who is continuing her investigation of the intersection between the body, gender and society, while critically addressing production conditions of contemporary dance (and art in general), which are the ongoing themes of Maja Delak's work.

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Image Snatchers


25.09. 2014 - Klub Gromka, Metelkova, Ljubljana

Technoburlesque is a mute comedy of the body that mocks rigidity of social roles. It uncritically appropriates, copies and glues together femininity, masculinity, family relationships, machismo and other degenerated social roles that are unrighteous considered to be normative. When Image Snatchers totally expose themselves — and remove their social dresses layer by layer — they do not find the essence, but realize that the essence is nothingness, and the performed travesties opium that makes living bearable.

"Who knows, maybe all these zombies, all these bouncy creatures that come to lifer to the beats of electronic music /.../, will jump out of the test tube as Athene in full armour in order to draw us the image of life before culture."
Narobe magazine

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Image Snatchers - video >>

photo: Nada Žgank


We announce: workshops

Ursula Martinez: Beyond burlesque! (UK)

07. - 11.10. 2014 - Klub Gromka, Metelkova, at the City of Women Festival

Beyond Burlesque! is a four-day workshop designed primarily for actors and performers with some professional stage experience. The aim is to create a short cabaret act or performance piece that can be presented in a professional cabaret / live performance context.

The workshop will draw on traditional cabaret performance languages (music, singing, dancing, drag, stripping, etc.) and explore ways in which these can be combined with contemporary notions of sexuality, provocation, popular culture and queer sensibility.

Because of her use of nudity, Ursula Martinez is often described as a “burlesque” performer. However, Ursula finds the recent resurgence of “traditional burlesque” to be creatively limiting, and thus a pure exploration of this genre in the workshop will be discouraged.

Ursula Martinez is a writer, performance artist and cult cabaret diva. She studied French and Theatre at Lancaster University and began her performance career working with experimental theatre companies such as Forced Entertainment and The Glee Club. In the mid 90s, she began performing solo on the London club/cabaret circuit and very quickly made a name for herself. 

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Ursula Martinez (official website) >>

Please email your questions and applications to: agon@emanat.si 

Application deadline: Open until Monday, 22nd of September. The application fee amounts 40 €. Participation is limited in number, so we reserve the right of selection in the event of an excessive number of applications! 


KlasJE - dance classes

from 15 September on

In collaboration with Contemporary Dance Association, Dance Theatre Ljubljana and Institute Emanat as well as with key actors in the area of Slovene contemporary dance (individuals, institutes and associations), we have decided to revive the regular training programme for professional and semi-professional dancers.

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Irena Tomažin: Voice workshop
from 7 October on

Voice has many bodies, body has many voices. So they are never in lack of each other. Height depends on how deep you stand, the depth depends on how high you imagination is jumping. Feeling of being in tune comes from feeling the other – the one who sings next to/in you – a feeling in between your ribs. A bit lower or a bit higher…it depends on which body you are in.

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Where and when:

from October until May - on Tuesdays from 5pm until 7.30pm  -  Cepetka studio, JSKD, Cankarjeva 5, Ljubljana


info@emanat.si or directly to irena.tomazin@gmail.com
application fee: 30 € (monthly); 10 € (single class)


Barbara Kanc, Little Danceroom

from October on

Little Danceroon is a one-year dance school for children, organized in collaboration with Puppet Theater Ljubljana. In the creative dance atmosphere, under the mentorship of Barbara Kanc, children will be developing their psychophysical abilities as well as understanding of contemporary dance.

When and where
The classes will take place once per week from 4.30pm to 5.15pm or from 5.30pm to 6.30pm (children age 3 – 5). The classes will run every week (except during vacation and holidays) from October to May.

Enrollment is through box office of Puppet Theater Ljubljana till 1st October.

Announcing the October events:

10.10. 2014 - Wanda & Nova deViator, Klub Channel zero, Metelkova, Ljubljana
11.10. 2014 - Technoburlesque Image Snatchers, Klub Gromka, Metelkova, Ljubljana
27.10. 2014 - Barbara Kanc: Brez naslova, Galerija ŠKUC, Ljubljana (premiere)