Emanat News - February 2013


Irena Tomažin: The Taste of Silence Always Resonates

15th February at 8pm, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, SI
16th February at 8pm, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, SI

In her newest project Irena Tomažin uses the medium of voice and body as her tool(s) to tackle the themes of tradition, heritage and the status of voice(s) and images, which voice as a medium of oral tradition is carrying on, from one generation to the next. 

concept and performance: Irena Tomažin / dramaturgy: Barbara Korun / sound: Aldo Ivančič / Light design and technical support: Igor Remeta

produced by: Emanat / co-produced by: Cankarjev dom, Maska / financially supported by: Ministry of Education Science, Culture and Sport RS, City Municipality of Ljubljana

The Other At The Same Time (by Matija Ferlin) and Shame (by Maja Delak) at the Moving Cake Festival - Slovenian contemporary dance platform in Ljubljana:

Maja Delak: Shame

21st February at 10pm – The Old Power Station, Ljubljana, SI

Shame speaks through many languages. The bodies, the sounds, the music, images, and words speak out at the same time. What they want to tell lies in the overlaps and gaps between individual languages. They speak about the subjects on stage and the subjects in front of it in a way that like the subjects evades an unambiguous signification: with stillness, delays, interruptions, twists, hesitations, duplications, echoes. 

concept and choreography: Maja Delak / created and performed by: Loup Abramovici, Ingrid Berger Myhre, Maja Delak, Katja Kosi, Luka Prinčič, Maja Smrekar, Irena Tomažin / video, sound, programming: Luka Prinčič / video and scenography: Maja Smrekar / costumography: Ajda Tomazin / light design: Urška Vohar
produced by: Emanat / co-production: Bunker, SMEEL /financially supported by: Ministrstvo za kulturo RS, Mestna občina Ljubljana

Matija Ferlin: The Other At The Same Time

23rd February at 8pm – The Old Power Station, Ljubljana, SI

The other at the same time is an experimental dance project based on a system researched in first group piece created by choreographer Matija Ferlin called Onformance. The intention of this project is to expand movement research and include the originality that written play brings once has been performed in relationship with the specific researched movement. Such principle evokes novelty for play-writers as well as for performers. 

Concept, choreography, directing, costumography: Matija Ferlin / Performed by: Liz Kinoshita, Roberta Milevoj, Claudia Fancello, Tomislav Feller, Matija Ferlin / Text: Jasna Žmak / Set design: Mauricio Ferlin

Produced by: Emanat / Co-produced by: Istrian National Theatre (Pula), Cankarjev dom (Ljubljana) / Project partner: Zagreb Dance Center – Hrvatski institut za pokret i ples,
Mediterranean Dance Center – Svetvinčenat / Financially supported by: Ministry for Education, Science, Culture and Sport RS, Municipality of Ljubljana - Department for Culture, Municipality of Pula, Canada Council for the Arts

Wanda & Nova deViator: Resistence

1st February at 10.35pm - Stolp Tri, Maribor, SI
21st February at 11.30pm - Klub Gromka, Ljubljana, SI

Resistance started as a clubbing derivative of multimedia concert performance Frozen Images. It premiered at UltraWax event in klub K4. It is a move towards the transcendence of a dancefloor, especially of its potential of conscious and deliberate bodily resistance to the force of rationality. It uses a language of electronic rhythms, repetitive patterns of metalic melody, violent funk and carefuly crafted dynamics of suspense, peaks and minimalism. Away from the spectacle it reaches closer to sweaty bodies in darkness.

authors and performers: Wanda & Nova deViator / produced by: Emanat

Workshops in February 2013:

Claudia Fancello workshop "Let's Do It" and "Morning classes" between 1st and 7th February - more informations and application on agon@emanat.si

Irena Tomažin: Vocal Workshop - regular open classes on Tuesdays at 5pm, continuing in February - application on agon@emanat.si

Barbara Kanc: Dance Workshop for Children - weekly on Mondays at 5pm