Emanat News - January 2014


januar/January 2014

Have you ever wondered what it would be if we lived differently?

Maja Delak's What If and Matija Ferlin's Sad Sam Lucky are performances about how we pursue our lives. 

Have you ever wondered if you could live differently?

After the European tour in Belgium, France, Serbia and Norway, Sad Sam Lucky, a physical response to the work of the Slovenian avant-garde poet Srečko Kosovel is coming back on the stage of Old Power Station – Elektro Ljubljana. The story of dedication, vision and a must to be creative, for which Matija Ferlin has recently received Infant festival award for astonishing expressivity, will be performed on 19th January at 8pm

Have you ever wondered why we do not live differently?

What if.  A solo of a dancer and a solo about a dancer. A dance solo about rhythm of our lives measured by time. About rhythm of work dictated by instability and hyper-productivity. About rhythm of feeling. About what the body is capable of doing and what not (any more).  
What if, a performance by Maja Delak about how we are not living differently, will be presented at Old Power Station – Elektro Ljubljana on 23rd and 24th January at 8pm

For all that would like to see both performances, we give you the price two for one. 


In 2014 we are continuing with Emanat's educational program. 

Little Danceroom under the mentorship of Barbara Kanc will be held on Mondays in Ljubljana Puppet Theatre.
Vocal Workshop run by Irena Tomažin will take place on Wednesdays in studio Cepetka.
Regular dance classes KlasJe will take place every day, from Monday till Friday between 9.30am and 11am at studio Baobab, Parmova 25, Ljubljana. Teachers in January: 
06.01. - 10.01. : Magdalena Reiter
13.01. - 17.01. : Nina Fajdiga
20.01. - 24.01. : Magdalena Reiter
27.01. - 31.01. : Jurij Konjar

We are looking forward to your company!