Saša Spačal: Anatomy of a Symbiosis - listening party


Saša Spačal: Anatomy of a Symbiosis Oblikovanje / Design: Tina Ivezić

"On the surface, one is listening to the audio artifact of the disintegrating symbiotic bond between soil bacteria Rhizobium trifolii and red clover Trifolium pratense caused by human intervention with the introduction of nitrogen fertilizer, eliminating the necessity for this unlikely and fragile collaboration which had developed in the deep past, hidden from human cognizance by its macro time frame and micro scale, buried within the earth."

At the end of August, we gather at an online listening party and indulge in a three-and-a-half-hour sonification of a biological process in a shared virtual company. We are also hoping for a physical manifestation of the release - a USB notebook - which will be available for purchase, and the author may also join us.

A Bandcamp account is helpful but not required. Free entry.