Talk no. 17: Magdalena Reiter & Andreja Kopač

a discussion about some selected performances by Magdalena Reiter

Pogovor št. 17/ Talk No. 17: Magdalena Reiter & Andreja Kopač Foto / Photo: Nada Žgank


The talk between Magdalena Reiter and Andreja Kopač will follow the line of progression of Reiter’s work – from her early works, created in Poland and in Brussels, where she studied at P.A.R.T.S. (and met Matej Kejžar, who invited her to join him in a project in Slovenia, where she has worked in lived since 2002), to her most recent project Solo for Two Voices, created with choreographer and dancer Milan Tomášik and poet Anja Golob. Reiter’s choreographic opus in the fields of dance and theatre is a wide one. Besides working on her own projects, she regularly collaborates with theatre director Mateja Koležnik (most recently in Residenztheater, Munich, premiere February 24 2018), and with other directors. The discussion will revolve around certain selected performances, which Reiter considers formative for her as a choreographer, to offer an insight into the methodology of her work and into her distinctive and subtle choreographic language.


Magdalena Reiter is a dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher. Originally from Poland, she has lived and worked in Slovenia since 2002. After finishing her studies at the National Ballet School in Gdańsk and at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels, she created many choreographies in independent contexts: for the Polish Dance Theatre-Poznan Ballet or the Bodhi Project. Her work has been awarded in Slovenia and abroad. As a choreographer, she has been involved in numerous theatre, film, and opera productions (with Mateja Koležnik, the group De Tijd, Janez Burger, Matjaž Berger, Steven van Watermuller for the Flemish Opera); as a dancer, she has worked with Johanne Saunier, Mateja Bučar, and Matjaž Farič. She is active also as a dance teacher and mentor (in Austria, France, Belgium, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, etc.). She is the initiator and art director of Mirabelka Institute and VIBRA – international summer dance workshops in Ljubljana. 

Andreja Kopač PhD is a writer, editor, and dramaturg. In 2016 she obtained her PhD at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, under the mentorship of Rastko Močnik, PhD. She has been active as an organizer, performer, moderator, mentor, and researcher. Currently she devotes most of her time to dramaturgical work and collaborations in national and international art projects. She is a guest mentor at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance – SEAD and teaches at the Pre-School Education and Grammar School Ljubljana (theatre and dance departments) and at the Academy of Dance – AMEU. In 2013 she received the Meta Vidmar Plaque for her contribution to the fields of dance pedagogy and dramaturgy and in 2016, the Ksenija Hribar Award, presented by the Contemporary Dance Association Slovenia. She is the editor of Maska - journal of contemporary performing arts since 2017. 

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